AI at the Workplace – Empowered Humans and Boosted Productivity (With 4 applications)

Explore how AI at the workplace grants more power to staff and enhances work efficiency.

Over recent years, artificial intelligence has had great maturity. The number of enterprises adopting this technology has soared by 270% in four years, according to Gartner’s survey in 2019. Global AI spending will be more than double to US$79 billion by 2022. 

Companies and countries worldwide increasingly view the development of strong AI capabilities as an imperative strategy to stay competitive. Many industries tend to invest aggressively to increase the presence of AI at the workplace. Approximately 60% of adopters say AI technologies are critical resources. AI drives organizations forward by capturing shifting value pools, creating competitive advantages for profitable growth.

In contrast, some other business leaders are concerned about AI-driven automation as an ethical risk. In their pessimistic view, the effect of AI could lead us to a dim future in which humans take a back seat or even be replaced by intelligent machines in the workplace. However, human workers and AI are building each other up and enhancing the nature of work.

AI at the workplace – Optimizing business operations

One of the most significant benefits of AI at the workplace is improving internal business operations, on par with products and services development. AI and machine learning technologies allow computers to analyze, detect, classify incidents automatically. TiVo, an IT firm, managed to reduce from about 2,500 to 150 IT issues daily thanks to the AI-aided process. That enables their professionals to manage operations easily from the operation center and focus more on complex affairs.

AI at the workplace – Encouraging better decision making

AI technologies are capable of aiding critical decisions based on cognitive insights. These machine learning applications use algorithms to process and interpret large amounts of data. Then, they proactively analyze, uncover patterns to predict outcomes in specific situations. 

MIT researchers have successfully applied these functions to build a predictive model. Trained on historical health data, it could assist clinicians in monitoring sepsis patients’ condition and determining the proper treatment at the right time – often a challenging decision for clinicians. The example shows how human experts and AI augment each other to achieve better decisions.

AI at the workplace – Detaching workers from mundane tasks

Intelligent automation is another top benefit of AI that reshapes business. Thanks to AI, machines can carry out more chores done by humans. That frees workers from low-value and repetitive activities to be more creative and concentrate their efforts on higher priority works. 

Machine‑assisted agents and chatbots are popularly creating tremendous productivity gains for adopters. Salesforce’s Einstein Voice Assistant, a voice-based AI platform, has been developed and integrated with CRM software for better operation. Sales and other field staff could verbally activate the system to expose all the data they want. It can also transcribe notes, automatically link them with related accounts and contacts, and recommend follow-up tasks.

AI at the workplace – Strengthening customer relationships

Last but not least, AI plays a significant role in forging enterprises’ customer intimacy and driving growth. Their strategy is shifting towards customer experience innovation with AI adoption. 

According to MIT’s global survey, over 93% of all firms have added AI-enhanced insight in their customer journey, which benefits both the business and customer as a result. They extend the integration of AI-based digital assistants through smartphones, smart home devices, and e-commerce touchpoints. 

AI analytics blended with these innovative methods help adopters get deeper customer insights to promote specialized experiences. That leads to better customer satisfaction with the brand, driving revenue gains.

Companies worldwide are harnessing the power of AI at the workplace and realizing positive returns due to its benefits to both employees and customers. Instead of being afraid, organizations should seriously consider investing in AI practices before getting left far behind. A well-prepared development strategy for a tech-savvy workforce could be a beneficial solution to foster the collaboration between AI and human beings.

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