AI (Intern/Fresher)

Updated: June 2, 2022 Deadline to apply: July 20, 2022


  • Implement machine learning algorithms to solve real world problems
  • Research and develop new machine learning algorithms 
  • Design and implement AI products


  • Knowledge of basic machine learning concepts: Neural networks, CNN, LSTM, BiLSTM, KNN, K-Means
  • Preferred experiences 
    • Seq2seq models, NER, chatbot, texts summarization, information retrieval
    • Traditional computer vision algorithms like gradients, SIFT, SURF, edges detection, corners detection
    • OCR
    • Object detection
    • GAN
    • Sound processing
    • Boosting algorithms


 Salary: Up to $600

  • Probation salary is 100% of official salary
  • 13th-month salary and performance review twice a year
  • Bonus for special occasions each year (Labor Day, National Day, Solar New year, Lunar New Year)
  • IT Certificate allowance (AWS/Azure, Outsystems, Salesforce, PMP, Agile/Scrum)
  • BIC Care Health Insurance
  • Social, health and unemployment Insurance following Government policy
  • Enjoy company summer trip and other team building activities held  monthly and quarterly
  • Work five days per week with flexible working time
  • Have opportunities to work onsite in Singapore, USA, Sweden, Korea, and Japan
  • Have chances to gain knowledge on the latest waves of blockchain, AI, Big Data
  • Professional, creative and dynamic working environment 

How to apply

  • Send us your CV via email:
  • Phone: +842466666100