Back office system that helps business stay on top of day-to-day operations

March 2, 2022

Many organizations continue to look for effective ways to optimize operational efficiency, reduce redundant costs, and mitigate the risks associated with operational processes. Our client aimed to build a custom Back office software to address all such needs.

Key features 

  • Flexible login: admin can sign in on behalf of other employees to execute certain tasks
  • Integrate with the same database into another department’s activities
  • Unified working environment
  • Reliable security system
  • Rapid process design and automation
  • Developer-friendly API for easy integration into existing infrastructure

Tech stacks

  • Backend: Java spring boot
  • FE: Vue.js
  • Web service: AWS

Team size: 10 people

Development time: 3 – 4 months


Our client is a Consulting firm established in Japan, specializing in Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising outsourced services, and DX platform business. It has been providing services to many large corporations across Japan.

GEM had partnered with this client to deploy a custom Back office system to facilitate uniform management and meet the client’s distinctive needs. It was a full-featured system to manage the business operations and customer base, including agencies and client accounts. The admin and other authorized users would be able to oversee members’ activities. In particular, they could log in to the system on behalf of members to perform and update a certain number of tasks.

The Back office system was web-based and deployed on the AWS platform. It would integrate with other AWS services such as Key Management Service, Load Balancers, and API Gateways.


This was a whole new system, so everything had to start from scratch. Furthermore, since the project involved many stakeholders, the communication between the GEM team and the client’s side was sometimes disrupted and left unclear. Thus, in the beginning, it took time for the project to get on the right track.


The GEM team and the client improved communication among stakeholders by ensuring clearly defined project specifications and on-time delivery in each checkpoint. The GEM team participated in the system designing phase, therefore gaining the overall pictures and carrying out the development smoothly. We also worked closely with the client to deploy Amazon web services and go through continuous testing before going live.


The system was delivered promptly and appreciated by the client. The company now has a streamlined back-office process that delivers quality work responsively and effectively.