Facilitating the best CRM for SMEs

February 7, 2021

Customer Relationship Management has long been an effective tool that boosts sales’ success. Yet for SMEs, finding an optimal CRM tool to manage the sales process is not an easy task as most platforms available are either too costly or lack desired features. Such a situation inspires Salesbox to create a platform that can become salespeople’s productive assistants. And GEM has walked with Salesbox since Day 1 to realize the start-up idea and helps it remain one of the best CRM tools for small and medium enterprises.

salesbox CRM

Key Features

  • Accurate sales forecasts with dynamic and multiple processes with a focus on activities.
  • Built-in marketing automation generates leads automatically from websites, campaigns, emails & social media.
  • Smart guidance, communication support, and mobile collaboration to help the sales team work effectively.

Technical Stacks

  • Native Apps in Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Microservices architecture with API Gateway and Service Discovery
  • AngularJS
  • Java Spring & Spring Boot
  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Jenkins, Mesos, Marathon, Docker & Docker Repository
  • Bitbucket
  • Datadog and ELK
  • Jasper & Microsoft Excel
  • Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services.

Project Overview

  • Development: 8 months
  • Team: 11 people



Salesbox is one of the most popular CRM’s in North America and Europe that recognizes the gap between traditional CRM systems and the needs of salespeople. It attempts to build an end-to-end system on mobile and web developed by salespeople for sales, customer management, and marketing. Its initiative, Salesbox CRM, is the affordable small and micro business sales automation platform that removes obstacles to sell. It has been helping salespeople become more productive, focused, and effortlessly organized through purposeful technology. Salesbox was proudly awarded “Best Sales CRM 2016”, and “Best Newcomer Sales CRM 2017” at the Sales Innovation Expo.

Aiming to provide the best possible CRM to make our users more efficient at an affordable price tag, Salesbox had to build the system from scratch with external assistance from GEM – an experienced and result-oriented software developer.


The ultimate goal of the company was to provide salespeople an effective, organized tool that can track every stage of the process. For that, firstly it needed to build a multi-tenant
cloud system with high scalability and capability. This would enable Salesbox to manage various and potentially competing organizations and their data separately within a single
yet shared storage solution.

To address the availability and convenience, it required that the cloud-based application be accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile. It had to support multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Website which would connect with one back-end to synchronize the content among all users. Likewise, all tools used by salespeople such as calendars, email, contact lists, and task management were expected to be easily integrated with the application. The platform should have a stunning interface and excellent user experience, especially on mobile devices for the ease of people who were usually on-the-go.

The early stages of implementing a startup idea were difficult, full of unexpected issues and changes. The project required adaptability, teamwork, and seamless communication
between the business owner, marketing team, and developers. The 5-hour time difference between Sweden and Vietnam was also considered a notable obstacle.


GEM had worked with the company to design the optimized cloud architecture and given valuable recommendations to improve system design and operability. The project
employed Microservices architecture with API Gateway and Service Discovery which had lightweight protocols and made it easy for small organizations like Salesbox to manage and update. Such design also enabled scalability and flexibility to adapt to changes upon business requirements. The application was deployed to Google Cloud Platform at the beginning then migrated to Amazon Web Services. It was made available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Desktop app and accessible on all devices that the company expected.

Despite the time zone difference, GEM was still able to provide 24/7 service that ensured smooth communication between the parties and help identified and handled ad-hoc
events and new changes. Salesbox has fully trusted GEM with 100% of the IT development work and the output has directly and enormously affected the business success.


With GEM’s assistance, Salesbox CRM was successfully launched. It was an automated and personalized platform that made the sales process effortlessly organized and focused.
The application runs smoothly thanks to well-developed software ensuring 99.9% uptime and minimal to no disruption during new updates. Up till today, Salesbox is welcoming more users to adopt the solution and grow their business.