Document Management Application for Printing Company

August 29, 2022

Key feature

  • Import and edit documents 
  • Convert documents into PDF and HTML 
  • Manage versions & change log
  • Browse documents using tables of content
  • Allow multiple users to work on the same document, notify users of changes

Technical Stack

  • Framework: .Net Core MVC, Entity Framework
  • Database: Microsoft/Azure SQL Server
  • File storage: Azure Blob Storage
  • Cloud service: Azure
  • Tools & Library: Aspose

Development Team

  • Team size: 7 people
  • Development Time: 5 months


The client’s existing document management system was built on a monolithic architecture. The app was centralized and deployed on-prem. For this project, they wanted the system to be moved to the cloud and operate on a multi-tenant SaaS system. This could help them serve more customers, lower costs and scale more quickly.


The project was on a tight schedule. We spent the first two months defining the code structure, clarifying the client’s requirements, and designing the wireframes for each use case. And we got to have all the requirements ready before our team started coding as the project follows the waterfall model.

In addition, our team for the project was new to Azure and Cloud Computing, so we got a lot of things to learn.


We had to balance the time and resources to meet the project deadlines. We must pay attention to non-functional aspects (performance, security, server load, etc.) to ensure a smooth user experience. Our team also maintained active communication and gained more knowledge on Cloud Computing. 


The product passed all client requirements and was released to sell to end users. It is being sold to regional banks, credit unions, insurance, manufacturing, and medical care. The app serves to manage business documents, including manufacturing manuals, quality manuals, sales manuals, etc.

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