Driver Tracking & Emission Analyzing System



The uncontrolled growth in traffic volume in big cities has impacted the transportation system and several sectors like Logistics. Heavy traffic jams can cause the fleet to undergo serious problems such as delays, late arrivals, and an increase in exhaust emissions. Due to higher fuel prices and suboptimal efficiency, the operators have to face higher operating costs. At the same time, the quality of life in modern society may be degraded.

To mitigate such challenges, one of GEM’s clients has leveraged IoT and Blockchain solutions to develop in-vehicle sensors, facilitating a smart transportation system that can benefit both businesses and the environment.

Key features

  • Collect data on the Blockchain, analyzing and presenting it to the operation manager
  • Collect the CO2 emission and share it with public

Technical stacks

  • PHP for responsive web app development and backend admin service
  • Source management using Bitbucket
  • Cloud technology with Amazon AWS
  • IoT Hub with MQTT Broker and Kafka
  • Batch Data Processing with Apache Spark
  • Database with MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Blockchain Database with Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and/or BigChainDB

Development team

  • 1 Scrum team (10 people) – PO in Japan
  • 10 sprints to MVP GO-LIVE


The client is a Japanese start-up Logistics company operating in the Japanese and Denish market. It invested in integrating sensing devices into vehicles to record vehicle operation information via digital tachograph on the blockchain. Then the collected data would be analyzed for the management of track operation plus the amount of exhaust gas will be public. The project’s ultimate goal is to optimize delivery routes and time and control fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during transportation.


The companies aimed to build a platform that allowed collecting data on the Blockchain and analyzing and presenting it to the operation manager. On the other hand, it also could collect the CO2 emission and share to the public. The system was required to have High availability with 99.99% uptime.

New features should be deployed without affecting the whole system. In addition, there were thousands of IoT-enabled sensors attached to the vehicle. They recorded the signals and data and send it to the back-end every five minutes. It meant that the amount of unstructured data that needed ingesting would be huge. The platform would have to collect, store, process, and visualize all the data for the operator to control the fleet’s journey.


GEM was in charge of building the back-end system to store the data from the IoT-based sensors. The system was cloud-based and accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile. It could perform online monitoring and real-time responses.


The system had been launched successfully, helping the client monitor and extract insights from the collected data. It contributed to the overall success of the pilot project. The client has moved to the next phases of developing and extending the tracking system on a larger scale.

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