Food Traceability Application for Singapore Market

March 2, 2022


  • Cloud-based multi-platforms application; accessible via desktop, tablet & mobile
  • IoT sensors installed in coffee farms to collect tracking data
  • Users can retrieve and verify information about product origin

Technical stack

  • IoT (sensor & microcontroller)
  • Google Products (Cloud IoT Core, Cloud Pub/Sub) to handle IoT messages (MQTT)
  • BigQuery for processing large read-only data sets
  • App Engine to seamless hosted API for Admin Dashboard App
  • Firebase & Cloud Functions simplify the mobile app development and utilize some modern techniques 

Development team

  • 1 Scrum team (5 people) 
  • 6 sprints to MVP GO-LIVE


The agricultural supply chain, especially coffee, is highly fragmented and complex. From crop to cup, coffee often travels through different stages and changes hands. Thus, it is difficult for the upstream and downstream participants to track and guarantee the quality and origin of the beans. To tackle such a challenge, a sizeable Agricultural corporation in Singapore has applied Blockchain technology to streamline the supply chain and facilitate transparency and ease the tracking process for all involved parties.


The project’s idea is to develop a platform that can demonstrate the conceptual journey of growing the coffee beans, processing, storing, and transporting them to the coffee retailers. The suppliers and consumers can easily access this information through traceability and interactive packaging solutions. Consumers can share the information with peers, giving out credits and feedback to farmers upstream.

The main challenges rested in a comprehensive platform that can record and visualize the ecosystem and ensure data privacy and security.


GEM team had resolved the client's requirement by building a cloud-based platform with seamless scalability and making it accessible via desktop, mobile, and tablets—the whole process needed to be visible to all stakeholders, from upstream to downstream to the end-users.

Regarding the provenance data, since thousands of IoT sensors were installed on the farm to track the journey of the coffee beans, there was a massive amount of raw data that needed handling. GEM team had built a data lake to store and categorize the collected data. A dashboard was created to showcase the output and facilitate stakeholders to trace and track the products' transactions.


With the aid of blockchain and IoT technologies, GEM had helped its client build a trusted, self-organized, open, and ecological smart agriculture system, which involves all parties in the ecosystem.

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