Seamlessly sharing medical records with individual’s healthcare providers

Chartnotes app


Our client wanted to provide users with a simple, secure, and private app that manages medical records and provides personalized health information whenever they need it.  

Key features

  • Manage multiple medical records
  • Manage vaccination records
  • Notify the next vaccinations
  • Monitor medication and health information

Technical stack

  • Platform: iOS 8+ and Android 4+
  • Programming language: Objective C, Java
  • Web services: RESTful
  • QR code, GPS,...

Project overview

  • Team: 5 members
  • Development: 8 months


ChartNotes is an application that facilitates an easy and secure way to store and manage the user's health data on his/her iOS mobile device (iPhone or iPad).

The solution enables:

  • Saving multiple profiles, e.g., saving the children’s records along with those of the primary user
  • Keeping track of medications, vaccinations, eye prescriptions, and other relevant health information
  • Connecting with pharmacies to help them provide accurate vaccination and prescription services
  • Receiving notifications of the need for revaccination
  • Printing or emailing a record to the school or HR department


Before GEM, there was another development team to build the app to store and manage users' health data. Due to its unsuccessful attempts, GEM took over the project, and first, we had to deal with those problems. Also, given the purpose of the app, the solution had to work impeccably – the data had to be available on a user's device in a responsive manner for emergency situations.


After thoroughly revamping the software, we solved all the issues caused by previous mistakes in development and brought the solution to full functionality. The data between devices had got synchronized even if the connection was suddenly lost. The encrypted cloud backups made sure that all sensitive personal data was safe from cybersecurity threats.


The application was successfully developed and worked more steadily. It has been providing users with stable and secure access to their health data.

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