Revamping the connection of home service providers and their clients

February 7, 2021

Ovvy is a UBER in the home services industry. The mobile application helps clients find and compare trusted home service providers and connects service providers with clients effectively in one mobile app.

Key features

  • Match customers with suitable merchants
  • Rebook previous merchants or jobs
  • Compare prices among merchants
  • In-app payment


Ovvy is considered a digital Word-of-Mouth marketplace for home services. It provides a platform where home service providers can showcase their expertise, offerings, and fee charges. Meanwhile, homeowners can see individual providers’ profiles, ratings, and reviews before deciding which one to choose. The app offers both parties efficiency and transparency and helps them get the best deal.

After delivering the first release, GEM carried on with the app maintenance and executed several major updates.

In the beginning, the apps offered six main categories of services in the domestic sector. To expand its offerings and give users more optimized experiences, the updated version was required to have dynamic content so that admins could customize the services in each category.

Besides, the payment system also needed revamping. The existing payment gateway did not meet the users’ expectations due to slow response times and a high rate of errors. Therefore, the client decided to switch to another online payment solution with better stability and more diverse features.


With the two change requirements, the GEM team faced several challenges. We had to ensure that the existing database was unharmed and compatible with the new system migration. It posed quite a difficulty as the database was huge and complex.

In terms of the new payment gateway, there should be no disruption caused to customers’ transactions during the transition and migration. Also, we needed to avoid any possible downtime for the app.


The GEM team created a testing environment for the updated version and tried out the new features and gateway before launch to address those challenges. The alternative payment solution was tested thoroughly before being deployed on the live app. We managed to make the change during a slow traffic period, just in case we ran into any unforeseen bugs.

We also employed a multi-level systems design approach and found the best possible solution to scale in the long term easily, which prepared it to follow changes in the number of users and market offers quickly.


The new features were successfully updated and went live smoothly as expected. Ovvy app now gets an average of 3,000 downloads per month, with 50% of users creating profiles.  

Overall, the client was delighted with the delivered solution, which has worked steadily and impeccably. The best proof of a job well done was the client’s satisfaction and recommendation of GEM’s services to their business contacts.

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