Enterprise app that facilitates internal training and communication

The enterprise app is created to serve internal training courses and events. It could fully inform all employees about the courses’ details and offer effortless registration.

KPMG Singapore application

Key features

  • Provide information of training course timetable and details
  • Notify new events and training sessions
  • Track number of participants for each course and event


A well-known consulting firm requires a mobile app that supports the organization of internal events and courses. This app automates the whole process - notifying the employees, collecting registrations, and tracking the number of participants for each event.

The key features of the mobile app include:

  • Synchronizing with the comprehensive website content to provide details about events and courses
  • Content management system (CMS) that enables easy creation and modification of the content related to events and courses
  • A simple system to register for a selected event or course
  • Easy tracking of the participants for each event or course


One of the biggest project challenges was the short time frame for the app development and implementation. The next challenge of the project was the integration of the app with the comprehensive website content.


Based on the client's needs and expectations, GEM team designed an optimal structure that enabled a fast development process, as well as smooth integration with the website content.


The mobile app resulted in a significant increase in the enrolment rate – by 30%. At the same time, the use of the app to inform employees and track the participants' number reduced the time spent managing the content and the users.

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