Mobile application that keeps service providers in check

February 7, 2021


In order to facilitate the demand for easy and instant access, the system was to be made available on mobile platforms. The mobile application could enable the outbound sales staff to control parts and equipment inventory and communicate with their suppliers.

Key features

  • Human resource management
  • User rights management
  • Inventory management
  • Account receivable/ Account Payable
  • Service and product portfolio management
  • Communicate with suppliers

Technical stack

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Programming language: Objective C, Java
  • Web services: RESTful
  • QR code, NFC, GPS...

Project overview

  • Team: 25 members
  • Developmet: ~2 years


Our customer provides business systems to agriculture, construction, and material handling equipment dealers in the USA and Canada. Their core products include sales and service management, parts and equipment inventory control, all accounting functions, and advanced communications with suppliers. They wanted to add mobile capability to the system for their customer’s outbound sales staff.


The mobile system had to run on both Android and iOS devices and connect with the existing IBM iSeries platform used by the company’s 2000+ customers. Since the Internet was not available on many farms and construction sites, the mobile application also had to support offline operations and would automatically sync with the users' mainframe when the Internet was available. With that said, the devices would have to handle a large amount of data, including customer information, inventories, and sales records.


To address such requirements, GEM's team had used APIs to connect the IBM mainframes running at the customer's sites to a cloud repository to fetch the data. Then, the mobile devices would use the data repository to maintain their local database and synchronization with the mainframes.

Also, to ensure that the project stayed on track, a team of GEM's developers was sent to the U.S. for several months to work on-site with the company's mainframe developers.


The mobile application has been done and operated successfully for several years. It has been a very welcomed addition to the company’s core products. Many of their customers are using the system, making it the top-selling feature for the past 2 years.

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