Mobile BI system to increase business performance

February 7, 2021
Mobile BI system to increase business performance


Nowadays, companies are under increasing pressure to make better decisions faster, and Telcos are no exception. Mobile Business Intelligence system could provide real-time updates on collaboration activities, enabling telco firms to oversee their business.

Key features

  • Manage partnership agreements
  • Oversee internal collaborations among departments
  • Cross-checking and manage financial situations between the company and partners
  • Tracking KPIs
  • Report customers’ complaints
  • Manage official documents through the document management module


The client was a Vietnamese telecom group. Upon the company's request, GEM developed and implemented a Mobile BI system providing up-to-date information and analytics reports of collaborative activities between the Telco and its partner.

The system enables:

  • Seamless management of partner information and partnership agreements, and the cooperation among the company's departments
  • Collaborative cross-checking and management of financial information, as well as management of the financial data between the company and its partners
  • Tasks allocation and financial and business activities monitoring
  • Automatic calculation of KPIs between the partners and the company, and warnings in case of significant deviations
  • Reporting customers’ complaints related to the services provided by partners on behalf of the telecom group
  • Safe and easy management of all kinds of official documents through the document management module, including:
    • Processing cooperation documents and electronic contracts between partners and the company
    • Archiving and subsequent accessing archived documents


High-security requirements were among the main challenges that we faced in this project. We were required to deliver the system within quite a short time frame, given the complexity of the solution development and its implementation. Also, we had to extract valuable insights from a large volume of data and create relevant reports upon the client's requests.


GEM project team asked to work onsite at the client's premises to better understand the solution's requirements. Moreover, we wanted to learn the purpose of a specific process and how the client wanted to have it covered.

The detailed information had helped us design an optimal system structure and deliver a product that completely satisfied the client's requests. The whole team focused on reaching the set goals. We did our best to stick to the requested release dates, which sometimes meant long working hours, day and night.


The BI system has made it easier to manage the vast amount of documentation and data within the company and keep track of the partnership documentation and activities. The solution provided the analytics reports and statistics that enable the company to react fast to the market trends and make appropriate strategic decisions.

In short, through the ups and downs, GEM team managed to achieve the results beyond the client's expectations, resulting in a deepened partnership between the two parties.

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