Multi-application Access with Java Card

August 29, 2022

Key Features

  • User verification and data encryption via Java Card
  • Allow users to swipe the Java Card through card readers to use subscribed services (e.g., Cable TV, Internet, etc.)

Technical Stack

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Java Card Applet


  • Team size: 5 people
  • Development time: 3-4 months


The client is a large corporate from Japan. They wanted to develop a java card solution to give customers instant access to their services. Java card executes the java byte code just like the Java-enabled web browser executes Java applets.  

Java cards can run multiple applications to replace all card applications into a single card. Therefore, the client wanted to build a POC to test the functionality of java cards. This project is the foundation for developing smart cards later on.


The client had high requirements for the solutions’ security, as smart cards are vulnerable to both hardware and software attacks. The card also has limited processing and memory resources, much like a sim card.


We utilized Java specifications to help programs written by Java run on smart cards with limited memory resources. Java cards also have security features such as the applet firewall, object sharing, Java type-safe, etc. which could be implemented to strengthen the security.


We have successfully delivered the program, from application to processing and network layer. The project, later on, was developed into innovative car keys solutions for the client.

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