Online music streaming service for Vietnamese listeners

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Recognizing the need for online music streaming and personalizing music on hold, our client had planned to launch a mobile application that meets the market demands. The app had to be user-friendly and optimized at every touchpoint so that it can attract as many subscribers as possible.

Key features

  • Login on multiple devices
  • Offer different music streaming services
  • Offer different subscription plans
  • Pay-as-you-go payment scheme


Imuzik is an online music streaming service offered by the #1 telecom corporation in Vietnam. Users can enjoy listening to music on either the web platform or mobile app. They also can subscribe to different Imuzik plans of choice such as online streaming, downloading songs, customizing on-hold music, and many more.


The client wanted to create a new modern service for their trendy users. The mobile app should have various different offers and can be logged in on multiple devices with a single account.

The service had to align with subscribers' situations. We had to achieve coherence between specific Imuzik offerings, the service fee, and multiple cost confirmation steps. The app fee should be charged on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. 

The app was allowing users to confirm purchases in different places of the app, which caused problems in optimizing the app speed. And this was another challenge we had to solve while developing the solution.

One more concern was that since one account can be logged in on one device at a time, the system had to be designed to keep track of ongoing sessions across multiple devices and provide the user with appropriate messages.


GEM's delivery team designed the comprehensive customer flow that enabled users to make their purchases in any section of the app. The solution had an entirely new concept at the time. However, it completely fulfilled the client's expectations.


To this day, Imuzik is one of the most popular mobile apps in Vietnam. The app is stable and works impeccably, as the number of its subscribers and users has been growing.

The client appreciated and was satisfied with the delivered solution that they had recommended GEM for their business partners. We took such gesture as the highest compliment for the successfully finished project.

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