Maintenance for Telco App

October 12, 2021


The client is the top telco provider in Vietnam, serving dozens of million numbers. The application is the official mobile app for the telco provider. Within the app, subscribers can easily manage their mobile subscription, pay their phone bills, exchange rewards and coupons, buy lottery tickets, etc. The app has made it easier for users to use telco services. It also helps maintain customer loyalty. The app has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play by June 2021.

Key Features

  • Managing mobile data and phone subscription for users
  • In-app media streaming through integration with another app

Technical Stacks

  • Native iOS development using Swift, Objective C
  • Native Android development using Java
  • Backend development using PHP

Project Overview

  • Team: 6 people
  • Maintenance: 4 years 
  • Market: Vietnam


The app is the top telecom app for Vietnamese users. With an extensive user base, the client requires multiple vendors to work on different sections of the app. And GEM was delegated to maintain the Subscription section of the app.  


Each month, the client gathered feedback from customers and sent a list of requirements for the Subscription section. Based on the requirements, the GEM team developed new functionalities and fixed bugs on the app. There was also a KPI framework to ensure the quality of each month’s deliverables.

For many functions, the GEM team had to collaborate with other development teams and figure out the solutions for the client. The client also delegated GEM to integrate the app with another media platform to enable in-app streaming for the Entertainment section.   


In the Subscription section, our Project Manager had dedicated their time to carefully analyze requirements from the client. Meanwhile, front-end and back-end developers worked hard to build and fix bugs to deliver the work on time.

In the Entertainment section, the app was integrated with a media streaming service. Besides streaming movies and videos, we also build some simple in-app games to increase users retention.


For a 4-year period, we had been one of the client’s trusted vendors to maintain the app. Our team also met the KPI framework for quality control. During our time working with the client, our on-time completion rate is 80%.

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