Development of leading warehouse solutions platform


An effective freight handling and warehouse solution can set a staging ground for a robust and customized supply chain management scheme. Our client decides to revamp the system so that they can empower the suppliers to achieve increased production, raised efficiency, and improved profitability.

Key features

  • Warehouse management
  • Work order management
  • Invoice management
  • Timesheet management


Merit Logistics is a US-based company that provides innovative supply-chain management solutions to large retailers nationwide.

GEM had cooperated with the company to develop and implement a solution that covered work order management, financial situation reporting. The system also needed to be aligned with regulatory compliance of Merit Logistics services.

The system had to be available as both a web application and a mobile application (for Android and iOS operating systems).

Some of the key features of the system were:

  • Warehouse management that enhanced control and administration of the warehouse operations
  • Work order management that enabled effective tracking and management of all work order information
  • Invoice management that automated invoice processing, with increased control
  • Timesheet management that helped staff manage scheduling, jobs, and assets


The company wanted to improve its business operations by implementing a single system that would automate key work processes. A prominent IT solution company had failed to deliver a satisfactory solution, and Merit Logistics decided to award the project to GEM. It could be seen that we had been given a big opportunity yet also a daunting challenge. 

The next hurdle appeared in the coordination between the client and the project team. There were problems that arose in following the indicated processes as per the initial agreement.

What's more, the project required a deep understanding of the processes and regulations in logistics. In order to deliver a fully functional solution with the requested features, our team had to further develop our knowledge of logistics operations.


To make sure that the project was on the right track to meet the solution requirements and set milestones, both parties conducted daily meetings to clarify any uncertainties and discuss the next steps.

To solve the problems in coordination between the client and the project team, we revised our working process and agreed with the client that apart from the regular daily updates, each side would raise any question that appeared. All information was updated on JIRA that the client also had full access.

Furthermore, GEM team was intensively acquired knowledge about logistics operations and even visited the client's facilities to learn more. For each new module or feature of the warehouse management system, we would ask to understand its purpose and the process behind it. Such an approach ensured that we delivered exactly what the client expected.


The new system provided the client with all required features, making his operations faster, more transparent, and less time-consuming. The client's satisfaction with the delivered solution resulted in granting GEM a new, bigger project with millions of dollars in value.

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