Covid-19 has reshaped many industries to an extent never before seen. Particularly, Education has undergone countless disruptions and cutbacks. Worldwide, billions of students could not attend school, and millions of tutors and staff become unemployed. Amid the pandemic headwinds, e-learning appears to be a remedy that keeps education in a continuous operation, helping learners and education institutions stay connected.

The undeniable benefits are proving that e-learning is not only temporary but rather a sustainable solution. We can stick to e-learning even when the pandemic is over because of its effectiveness and convenience. Let’s explore why so much effort has been devoted to digitizing teaching methods and educational institutes’ resources via the following infographic. It will cover:

  • Impact of Covid-19 on the Education sector
  • The technology advancements that address Covid-19 disruption
  • How e-learning aids educational institutes
  • The continuous growth of e-learning