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Covid-19 has accelerated the popularity of mobile app solutions in education. Their development is anticipated to expand even in the “new normal” era.

Mobile apps have become an alternative to traditional classrooms in recent years. Starting from Covid-19, these solutions grow strongly even after the pandemic has settled due to many benefits that learners can enjoy. They provide new ways in which learning activities are facilitated and empowered. Hence, they promise to redefine education as a whole and soon become mainstream in the time to come.

How strongly are mobile apps growing?

As most people have access to smart devices, mobile applications’ usage has increased significantly. Education was among the fastest-growing categories, and this upward trend is primarily due to Covid-19’s impacts. 

Its market expansion skyrocketed to a 30% year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2020 only. However, the upward trend is not going to be limited within the context of Covid-19. Even after the pandemic’s impacts on global activities have diminished, businesses can expect continued growth of these apps in the upcoming years, according to CNBC. The industry’s worth shall triple from its 2015 value estimation of $107 billion to $350 billion by 2025.

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(Source: Sensor Tower)

Why do these apps continue to grow?

The hype for mobile apps will not end even when the pandemic has died down. As learning apps answer to the increasing demand for a flexible, highly personalized learning experience, they will continue playing a critical role in the sector and blooming like a great potential market.

Increased learning flexibility

Mobile apps help people overcome common boundaries such as:

  • Geographical distance
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Learning material accessibility
  • Affordability

As a result, they enable a better-educated society where individuals have almost unlimited access to the knowledge and training they need. Learners get substantial support while learning: they can study anytime, anywhere at their convenience and have access to necessary resources.

Besides high-school or college students, another rising group of users who benefit greatly from these apps is adult workers seeking continuous learning. They want to secure their job and be ready for promotion opportunities.

To illustrate, both high school students and adult employees can benefit from online courses available on mobile apps. Students can attend these extra classes at any time that will suit their schedules. They are no longer under the obligation to go to classes and can reallocate that time to other activities. Meanwhile, employees can benefit greatly from attending courses conveniently via mobile apps. They have access to new knowledge that can empower them at the workplace by giving an extra advantage of added skills and expertise.

Personalized learning experience

The ability to recognize and cater to personal needs also guarantees learning apps’ future expansion. In terms of the user interface, many people favor colorful, interactive layouts. 

In response to this preference, most apps feature custom multimedia displays that keep users engaged and attracted, such as visual illustrations or voice guidance. Thanks to these added features, learning is not an one-sided process anymore – it becomes interactive and immersive.

More importantly, mobile apps deliver a customized learning experience that meets individual progress. Incorporated with technological advances such as AI, they can produce an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of each user’s performance

On that basis, AI will make adjustments on: 

  • The delivery of lessons
  • Learning emphasis
  • Constructive feedback to improve future outcomes made by the app

Thanks to educational apps, the mobile-native generation can now switch to an imaginative, learner-centered way of acquiring knowledge that is 24/7 available on mobile devices. Mobile apps and the e-learning industry will continue to thrive. And it is important to seize the opportunities. 

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