20NINE CEO Visit – Huge Progress And Key Success Achieved

A recap of the meaningful visit of an important figure who spent 2.5 weeks working closely with our team.

In March, GEM welcomed a highly important visitor – Mr. Andreas Lalangas, CEO and Founder of 20NINE, a close partner based in Sweden.

Mr. Lalangasspent 2.5 weeks with GEM’s development team. His trip has two goals:

Accompanying GEM’s team and accelerating the project’s progress: The team has been working diligently to finish launching a major campaign of great importance to both 20NINE itself and the client’s local region. Mr. Lalangas was more than eager to answer questions from his Vietnamese colleagues and collab with them to accelerate progress.

In addition, the direct contact with the 20NINE CEO helped both sides reach greater mutual understanding, trust, and commitment in their workflow by overcoming the cultural and language barriers. 

Having extensive C-suite discussions: Mr. Lalangas and GEM CEO, Ngo Khanh Hoang, had fruitful talks about their long-term plans for advancing bilateral cooperation. They re-evaluated the current project – the campaign will continue to be our focus over the next 3 months, with the intent to scale to cater to over 6 million users. The two leaders also shared visions about the next steps and how their organizations can deepen their partnership.

20NINE CEO and GEM's development team

Mr. Lalangas’ business trip was regarded as highly successful. He gave positive feedback about the output of his trip – regarding both deliverables and their quality. This favorable result witnessed over the course of just over 2 weeks encouraged the two companies to plan for more on-site business trips, with a view to creating a solid bond among the multicultural delivery team.

GEM appreciates the dedication of Mr.Lalangas and 20NINE during this project. We look forward to the coming time as the project enters a new phase and the GEM-20NINE collaboration grows in scale.

Previously known as Salesbox, 20NINE is an outstanding CRM app that caters to salespeople’s needs in sales, marketing, and customer management. With a strong focus on simplicity and personalization, 20NINE has been highly welcomed by SMEs from over 25 countries and growing.