Building on past triumphs for a corporation that lasts – A 2024 interview with GEM’s CEO 

In the latest interview, GEM Corporation’s CEO, Ngo Khanh Hoang, delved into the company’s significant achievements in 2023 and outlined an ambitious strategic vision for 2024. He emphasized a clear message: “GEM is poised to build upon its past triumphs, reinforcing the foundations of people, technology and process, paving the way for sustainable growth.” 

GEM CEO emphasized his vision in an early 2024 interview

To start off, Hoang highlighted three key achievements in 2023 that he was most proud of and will serve as cornerstones for GEM’s future growth. 

A trusted IT partner – The successful implementation of major large-scale projects  

In 2023, we saw GEM embark on larger projects as its esteemed partners’ businesses expanded. Notably, ongoing projects in Japan, Australia and the Nordics experienced significant growth in both staffing and technical complexity. This expansion stands as a testament to GEM’s credibility and capability to exceed customer expectations and ensure satisfaction. With these accomplishments, he was confident that GEM is well-prepared to seize further opportunities for expanded cooperation in the future. 

One step closer to world-class standards 

After quite a long time of preparation and implementation, GEM’s Software Delivery Group was officially appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3 in October 2023.  

By adopting CMMI-based practices, GEM has had a more systematic and disciplined approach to software development and delivery. This has been translated into improved predictability and reduced risks in project execution. As a result, GEM has seen higher customer satisfaction and successful project outcomes.  
As stated by Hoang, “Being appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3 has validated GEM’s IT delivery competency and brought the company closer to meeting “world-class” standards.” 

Substantial progress in building a learning-driven corporate culture 

In line with the year’s motto, “A Better Me, A Better Us,” GEM has made significant strides in expanding its internal training programs regarding quantity, quality, and diversity. Throughout the year, GEM’s employees engaged in internal sharing sessions within divisions, participated in open talks and felt free to raise their opinions and questions. They have been encouraged and supported in pursuing online courses and obtaining IT certificates. GEM’s LnD team also successfully established a reward system to recognize diligent employees committed to self-improvement. This has helped GEMers in developing and realizing their own potential. 

For this, Hoang also expressed appreciation for the dedicated efforts of GEM’s L&D department and all GEM team members in achieving substantial progress toward fostering a vibrant learning culture within the company. Since people are the core of any organization, Hoang believed that this has contributed to fueling the company’s overall growth.  

Overall, 2023 marked a year of significant advancements for GEM. Looking to build upon the successes of the past year, Hoang shared his visionary outlook on GEM’s strategic focus for 2024. 

Strengthening credibility and competency in key markets 

Expanding on his strategy to enhance GEM’s standing in both new and established markets, Hoang specifically addressed the importance of strengthening the company’s presence in Australia and Japan. 

In Australia, GEM aims to enhance its IT consulting capabilities and offer comprehensive solutions to clients, with the overarching objective of significantly enhancing overall productivity and efficiency. Meanwhile, in Japan, GEM commits to refine the quality of its services to meet Japanese standards, particularly as the GEM actively engages in clients’ analytical and design phases. 

Executing these strategies requires a concerted effort to enhance the company’s core competencies. This necessitates the upskilling and knowledge enrichment of GEM’s workforce. Consequently, Hoang has outlined specific expectations for GEM’s learning initiatives in 2024 to ensure the successful implementation of this plan. 

Making knowledge actionable and encapsulated 

In 2024, Hoang aims to transition GEM’s learning efforts from individual-focused to company-wide initiatives. He expects the individual skillsets will be merged within the organization to significantly improve GEM’s overall IT delivery capability

Furthermore, Hoang emphasized that the learning outcome must be actionable, which means it must be applicable to GEMers’ everyday tasks and yield immediate improvements. He also hopes to see the knowledge acquired through projects and learning initiatives formalized and encapsulated into the company’s best practices and frameworks, which will be used to elevate GEM’s overall standards. 

Closing remarks 

As the CEO of an IT company in a rather challenging and unpredictable time, Hoang sees the many ways GEM can thrive in 2024 based on what it has done in the past year. He ended the interview by re-emphasizing his “Built to last” mentality – GEM’s development is not about contemporary achievements. Rather, it is about building a solid foundation that fosters sustainable long-term growth. Hopefully, GEM will adeptly leverage the accomplishments of 2023 and foster even greater growth in 2024.