GEM organizes a series of blockchain training events

GEM organizes a series of training about blockchain technologies and their applications. The focus of the training is placed on the theory and practice of developing blockchain-related solutions. Real examples of how the blockchain technologies can solve business problems are also given.

We have a special guest speaker on the training: Manh Linh Nguyen, one of the top 3 participants at the Vietnam Blockchain Hackathon November 2017.

The first session will cover the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including three core layers of blockchain and three types of blockchain. The next sessions will include the following topics:

– MultiChain: How to Setup a Private Blockchain Using AWS EC2 – a guide on how to create, connect, and use private – – Blockchain in AW
– How to Transact Native Assets
– How to Enable & Control Mining
– How to Install the MultiChain Explorer & Web Demo

And this is not all…