Webinar – What makes a successful offshore development project


June 13, 2022

On-demand webinar

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Part 1: Estimation & Productivity

Though outsourcing software development projects is a thriving practice, many PMs/POs struggle to manage the outsourced development team. Late deliveries, failure to detail project requirements, and communication breakdowns – to name a few – are the common outsourcing challenges.

Still, we cannot overlook the benefits that outsourcing offers to support an organization’s success: flexibility and scalability. By being aware of such problems that all stakeholders might encounter when working on an outsourced project, we can avoid them easily and ensure the plan is on the right track.

In this first of a two-part free webinar series on optimizing the collaboration between a company and a remote software development team, we will extensively discuss the two first urgent concerns: Effort estimation and Productivity management. Join the webinar to see how we can optimize team members’ productivity without compromising products’ quality.

The under-20-minute webinar covers the following discussion topics:

  • Common Project estimation methods and Best practices
  • Productivity attributes and management norms
  • Other factors need considering in the estimation

The second part of the webinar, which addresses best practices for Communication in software development projects, will be updated soon


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Effort Estimation


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Tequilar Lee

Tequilar Lee

Delivery Manager


With more than 12 years in the IT industry, Tequilar Lee (a.k.a. Si-Hoang Le), has managed projects with dozens to more than a hundred developers, with at least 4 PMs reporting to him. Besides his passion for software development, he's also an entrepreneur, a sports lover, a dancer, a supportive colleague, and a loving father.