Frontier Software Founder’s Visit To GEM Office

Last week, GEM welcomed Mr. Michael Howard, Managing Director & Founder of Frontier Software PLC, to its office in Hanoi.

The visit means a lot for both parties as it is the first time representatives of both companies have had the chance to meet in person. Frontier Software is also the first client to visit GEM’s office since the outbreak of Covid-19 more than two years ago.

On this occasion, the two teams reviewed and discussed the roadmap to enhance the functionality and capability of Frontier’s Human Capital Management delivery. The scope of the project entailed a complete redevelopment of Frontier Software’s HCM Applications to meet the continually changing needs of both existing and prospective clients. This revamp creates an advanced ecosystem that streamlines Human Capital Management processes.

Frontier Software’s faith in GEM has been rewarded with GEM’s ability to develop a close and dependable partnership. The joint effort showcased our solid mutual trust and signals the potential for collaborative projects in the future. During our exchanges, Mr. Howard expressed his appreciation for GEM’s growth and capabilities to deliver trusted and exemplary services.

Likewise, GEM values the opportunity to establish a close partnership with Frontier Software. Working with major clients from abroad has been critical to our development as an IT service provider and consulting firm. First, GEM gets to be an active contributor to our client’s success and showcase our domain knowledge. Second, through these collaborative efforts, GEM’s staff could enrich their expertise and understanding of standardized processes and etiquettes when working with large firms.

About Frontier Software: Since its establishment in 1983, Frontier Software has acquired its reputation as a leading provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. The company has worked with over 1,700 customers from 26 countries to help them foster effective management and long-term growth.