G-Unity – A Year-End Party to remember

On January 13th, GEM’s Year-end Party themed “G-Unity 2022” was held with the attendance of honorable guests and over 200 of our beloved GEMers. 

Held annually, Year-end Party is the most anticipated event at GEM and an important part of our corporate culture. It is a place for GEMers to reflect on their accomplishments of the past year and head to a new year of remarkable growth. 

GEM managers

This year’s slogan is “United We Stand”, which highlights the importance of unity and togetherness to our business. Together, GEMers have successfully delivered satisfying solutions to clients and overcome major challenges. 

During his remark at the ceremony, GEM’s CEO – Ngo Khanh Hoang – stressed the importance of GEMers’ dedication to the company’s success and sent his congratulations for what GEM has accomplished.

GEM's CEO spoke in the year-end party

Afterward, Hoang shared his visions and ambitions of business expansion for the year 2023, with a view to becoming a leading IT service provider in Vietnam. He concluded by expressing his trust in GEM’s ability to strive for greater success.

GEM's leaders opened a champagne bottle and welcomed new success

At G-Unity 2022, we took a look back at all the ups and downs of 2022 and cherished our accomplishments. With an established operation scheme and major adjustments to our mindset, GEM is confident in our ability to reach new heights in the coming year.

  • Despite on-going hardship, we have achieved a significant headcount growth and increased revenue.
  • Many of our projects are highly regarded by our clients and have delivered practical values to their business.
  • There is also the addition of in-depth training programs to make learning and training a vital part of our culture.
  • In addition, GEM has made major changes – including moving to a new office location and restructuring our organization.

Also, at G-Unity 2022, outstanding individuals and project teams were honored for their outstanding performance and contribution. Many awards such as Most Valuable Player and Project of the Year are the worthy recognition of their efforts. GEM hopes that 2023 will witness even more breakthroughs from our valued employees.

GEM awards one of its MVPs of 2022
GEM gives awards to outstanding staff
GEM awards one of its MVPs of 2022
GEM gives awards to outstanding staff
GEM gives awards to outstanding project teams

G-Unity 2022 has indeed been a memorable night for GEMers with so much excitement and joy. In our next chapter for 2023, GEM is looking forward to exploring new business opportunities and enabling more clients in their digital journey. 

GEM unity 2022