GEM becomes the exclusive distributor of Europe’s most innovative CRM platform

GEM Corporation and Salesbox CRM – System AB, the Sweden-based enterprise, have unveiled a global strategic partnership agreement in distributing Salesbox’s CRM services to expand service offerings and international capacity. Accordingly, GEM will be Salesbox’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam and global integration partner.

GEM is pleased to announce that it has recently become a new distributor for Salesbox’s CRM solution. GEM will offer expert guidance in platform integration and configuration, advising both Vietnamese and global clients on the best CRM solution for their particular needs.

With a solid technical background, GEM has the knowledge and experience to ensure its recommended solution will suit the application.

Mr. Ngo Khanh Hoang, CEO of GEM Corp, said, “We are delighted to be working with Salesbox. The 7-year collaboration with Salesbox has helped both parties grow their business maturity progressively. And we are pleased to continue and expand our cooperation.”

GEM’s knowledge of the market and cultures will also be invaluable in supporting Salebox to provide Asian customers from both academic and industrial markets with exclusive and premium services.

GEM has initiated the collaboration with Salesbox since 2014 as an IT service provider. In a short period, GEM successfully interpreted the innovative ideas from the Salesbox team into a well-developed system that helped SMEs simplify and harness the Customer Relationship Management process. Built from scratch, this first success story with Salesbox affirmed GEM’s contribution in the journey of providing intelligent solutions and optimizing businesses’ compatibility.

With technology expertise and a keen understanding of the product as well as broad experience of myriads of industries, GEM has assisted Salesbox in optimizing the CRM system and finding new opportunities in the potential and dynamic Asian market. The two companies have built a strong collaboration, which leads to today’s fruitful partnership. This also implies GEM’s determination to further its capabilities to deliver service excellence.

Mr. Andreas Lalangas, Founder of Salesbox, highly appreciates that GEM is able to meet Salesbox’s stringent criteria for understanding the IT market and its ability to contribute to the Salesbox ecosystem. “I think GEM is an extremely important part of our strategy to be able to implement Salesbox into the telcos environments and integrate with the different internal systems that telcos provide to the market…”, said Andreas Lalangas, CEO and founder of Salesbox. 

GEM expects to grow more rigorously in this new role and conquer new heights in the demanding digitalization journey. Both companies will benefit from the partnership, hoping to take further steps in actualizing the desire for access to technologies of SMEs on a global scale. 

For years, Salesbox has been renowned in Europe for its outstanding CRM solution. The company is taking firm steps in increasing market share in Asia, starting with providing CRM service to thousands of Vietnamese SMEs. The Salesbox – GEM partnership is expected to witness more significant  breakthroughs as they expand their reach to more companies around the world who want to achieve streamlined and cost-effective sales operation and management.” 

About Salesbox CRM: Salesbox is the 100% true Saas company that, through a flexible and affordable CRM platform, removes obstacles in sales and customer management. This helps our customers become more productive, focused, and structured with the help of meaningful technology that makes a difference in reality.

Through a simple onboarding process, eLearning, and extensive material with instructions and videos, a new user will quickly get started with Salesbox CRM system. New users are usually up and running Salesbox within 30 minutes after the account is created. Based on Salesbox’s different modules, you as a customer can easily choose how you want to proceed with smart connections to, for example, Office365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, Fortnox, WordPress, eSignatures, or other important features for the unique needs.