GEM Corporation hosts virtual event to mark the 7th anniversary

This week, GEM celebrated its 7th birthday with an online party that gathered all GEMers working in Vietnam and Japan. The anniversary celebration took place amid the prolonged Covid-19 lockdown situation.

It was the first time for the company and executives staff to hold a virtual event on such a special occasion. The 45-minute event with a lot of interesting content gave everyone a chance to reunite and share some fun social interactions with each other. We were thankful that all GEMers were safe and still doing well.

GEM has come a long way. What started out as a small team of 30 members is now an established market player in software development, offering sustainable IT solutions for hundreds of companies from over 10 countries. The company has achieved continuous growth and received recognition from both domestic and international clients.

2020-2021 was such a whirlwind for GEM as it has faced many challenges yet also many new opportunities. “In this critical pandemic situation, we can no longer expect things would get better in a couple of weeks. We must learn to adapt to changes and discover new potentials to drive forward,” said Mr. Ngo Khanh Hoang, CEO of GEM. Through the ups and downs, GEM managed to leverage its services in the Telecommunications sector and took bold moves in its Artificial Intelligence and Big Data investment. “It is like a pressure test when the teams have to work with bigger and more difficult accounts. We will need to put way much more effort to meet the higher expectations. But at the same time, we ourselves will grow and become future-proof,” he added.

The firm steps that the company has been progressing against all odds show its determination to empower businesses with agile digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Moving on to the 8th year of operation, GEM is looking forward to finding and creating new opportunities to develop and strengthen the business to become among the largest players in the industry.