GEM celebrated the third anniversary

On the 8th of September 2017, we marked the three-year anniversary of GEM.  Those first three years were filled with challenges and successes. We had great moments, but also those moments which weren’t so great. However, we have always been focused on our “Happy employee, happy customer” mantra, which helped us stay together in all situations.

gem vietnam

We were also together in celebrating the anniversary through a series of lively activities and special events, starting from the 8th of September, and lasting for a whole month inside and outside of the company.

The opening ceremony was held in the GEM´s library and coffee corner. Yes, we have a library – all of the books are donated by GEM-ers with the idea “living is sharing.”

The next event which marked the anniversary was “Running GEM” – the marathon held in Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi. It attracted 80% of GEM-ers, created unforgettable memories, and strengthened the bond between the employees.

The celebration month ended with a trip for all employees to Bai Lu Resort in Nghe An. It was the place for more fun activities, such as Swimming competition, fire camp, barbecue on the beach, and uncountable teambuilding game series.

We concluded this special month with the gala night in Bai Lu Resort on the 30th of September, ready to keep on going together for more challenges and celebrations.