Quick update: GEM welcomes Frontier Software’s representative 

This September, GEM welcomed Mr. Michael Howard, Founder of Frontier Software, back to GEM’s office in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

During this visit, GEM’s development team and Mr. Howard quickly updated the project’s progress and prepared for the next steps. This visit is a necessary check-up to help both sides understand each other’s expectations. 

frontier software representative visits GEM

GEM and Frontier Software have been close partners since 2020, and both parties are happy with the projects’ success. We are excited and eager to take on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead with them. 

About Frontier Software: Frontier Software has built a reputation as a top provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions since its inception in 1983. Over 1,700 clients from 26 countries have benefited from the company’s assistance in fostering successful management and long-term growth.