GEM Internship Program (GIP 2022) has officially launched

This November, GEM launches its first-ever Intern Training program – GEM Internship Program (GIP 2022). This program is one of the largest training projects that will be carried out by GEM in 2022.

This paid internship program is designed for senior students majoring in IT-related fields who want to gain more experience through real-life projects. They will participate in GEM’s ongoing projects under the supervision and guidance of mentors from GEM, who are highly skilled and more than happy to assist young talents in their development journeys. 

gem internship program 2022

Besides, the program provides training sessions that help them enhance the essential skills and knowledge to stay relevant to the working environment. And remarkably, all candidates with outstanding performance during the internship can be offered a full-time position at GEM after the program ends.

GIP is more than an internship program. To fulfill our ambition to contribute great values to Vietnam’s IT industry, GEM must place great emphasis on enhancing and developing our human resources. Therefore, GIP is vital to realizing GEM’s ambition to become a top IT service provider and consultancy firm. 

Since the company’s foundation in 2014, GEM has expanded globally and served clients from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the US, and the EU in various industries. This internship program offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn from more than 100 successful projects for GEM’s clients in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many more.

GIP 2022 is opening for applications from November 15th to December 6th, 2022.

For more information regarding this program, please visit the GEM Internship Program’s Facebook.