GEM on track for strong growth despite prolonged Covid lockdown

The company has successfully maintained its shape during the recent virus outbreak in Vietnam.

Due to the fourth wave of Covid-19 last July, many businesses again suffered from the disrupted operation. More or less, GEM also took the hit, but the company managed to pull through the extended lockdown situation and even achieved new milestones.

30% of employees at GEM’s office

Prioritizing staff’s safety and well-being

Before the PM’s Directive 16 mandating strict social distancing was officially enforced in late July, GEM had initiated flexible working arrangements. Only 30% of employees would work at the office while the rest would fulfill the duties from home. We had been well-prepared beforehand to minimize any possible disruption when the lockdown took effect. Thus, all GEM staff were able to keep their tasks on track and deliver a good performance.

Besides ensuring full-vaccinated employees, the company had offered to cover extra health insurance packages for all official staff, enhancing their protection and benefits given this unprecedented time. The new C&B policy was highly appreciated by the employees.

During the WFH period, everyone at GEM still stayed well connected with each other. We hosted the first-ever online Birthday party and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival together in an “apart in distance but never at heart” fashion. 

GEM’s special gift was delivered to each GEMers’ doorstep.

Keeping the business up and running

Besides the eventful internal activities, GEM also recorded many positive signals in the business aspects. One of the highlights belongs to the GEM AI team’s victory in a private Online Hackathon. The team received the “Best innovative MVP” award for their initiative. At GEM, working from home doesn’t mean limiting ourselves to conquer new heights. 

GEM’s Virtual Birthday celebration

Moving on to the 8th year of operation, GEM acknowledges the importance of adapting to the “new normal” and is ready to embrace new opportunities and create more sustainable IT solutions for businesses. 

In fact, GEM has planned to strengthen its competencies as well as expand its reach to potential markets. The company looks forward to achieving significant milestones in the near future.

Hanoi has been loosening social distancing restrictions. GEM staff can now return to the office and continue the work, following compliance with social distancing measures.