GEM’s quick response to the third wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam

February 04, 2021 In response to the pandemic re-outburst, an extraordinary meeting was held on Monday by GEM’s Covid-19 emergency response team to address employees’ safety and ensure business continuity. On the threshold of Tet holiday, as millions of people returned to their hometown, all scenarios were discussed and carefully-planned.

As soon as 2 Covid-19 cases no.1552 and no.1553 were officially confirmed, GEM enforced strict regulations to diminish the risk of cross-infection in the workplace. In addition to checking body temperature, using sanitizer, and wearing facemasks all the time in the office, all employees were required to report their health condition daily. Thanks to these practices, GEM could proactively take control of any contingencies.

gem vietnam
Picture 1. Morning temperature check before entering office  | Source: GEM
gem vietnam
Picture 2. Facemask is an indispensable item | Source: GEM
gem vietnam
Picture 3. Disinfection using hand sanitizer | Source: GEM

An internal communication campaign was also deployed immediately, to keep the staff updated with the latest news about the pandemic. GEM defined communication as a vital tool to raise people’s awareness about proactive health protection.

More than that, to avoid business disruption in case of prolonged social distancing, GEM has got all ready for a Work From Home scenario. Such preparedness will help people at GEM experience the most convenient remote working conditions.

On January 27, 2021, the 2 Covid-19 cases no.1552 and no.1553 were recorded by Hanoi Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This marked the 3rd community-infected outburst of the pandemic in Vietnam.