GEM Featured In “Sao Khue Toa Sang 2023”

GEM has recently appeared in “Sao Khue Toa Sang 2023”, a program produced by VTC Digital Television to honor outstanding businesses that received the 2023 Sao Khue Award.

CEO Ngo Khanh Hoang leveraged this opportunity to talk about his vision for GEM’s development – which can be summarized in the word “Innovation”. 

With our projects, GEM’s ultimate goal is to tailor a new competitive edge for our clients. In other words, GEM strives to motivate businesses to adopt new mindsets and approaches. Being innovative and creative, Hoang noted, is extremely important in the modern era – which is characterized by disruptions. 

“Innovation” is reflected in GEM’s service offerings and how we cater to how much value we can deliver to customers. Besides leveraging the latest tech tools, GEM puts great emphasis on our thoughtful consultancy services. We have gained a considerable amount of domain knowledge and a thorough understanding of the pain points of each domain – thanks to past projects in collaboration with businesses of all scales from different industries. 

The documentary also highlights GEM’s efforts in improving our facilities and processes. We strive to create an open-minded and dynamic working environment that fosters professionalism and creativity. In addition, GEM aims to standardize our delivery process to achieve world-class capabilities. 

Progressively, GEM is taking firm steps in our journey to become a prestigious IT service provider in Vietnam. In the coming time, GEM will continue to empower businesses worldwide to achieve exponential growth with advanced digital solutions.