GEM welcomed 20NINE’s CTO to its office

In the last two weeks of November 2022, GEM welcomed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Markus Ljung from 20NINE Sweden to the office to meet and work with the development team. 

GEM welcomed 20NINE’s CTO to its office
20Nine CTO with the GEM team

The aim of this visit was for Mr. Ljung to sit with the team to update and monitor the project’s progress, as 20NINE is adding a new onboarding service and management features to the current CRM platform. The new project is a major step forward for both parties since it requires immense technical skills and effective cross-country communication efforts.

During the visit, the CTO held workshops to communicate directly with the developers and address any questions related to the project. He also discussed the prospective strengthening of the GEM-20NINE partnership with CEO Ngo Khanh Hoang and project managers.

GEM and 20NINE, formerly known as Salesbox, started their partnership in 2014. For their first project, GEM successfully turned the innovative ideas from the 20NINE team into a well-developed system that helped SMEs simplify and optimize the customer relationship management process. In 2020, GEM became the exclusive implementation partner of 20NINE in Vietnam, offering professional consultancy in platform integration and configuration.

In the coming time, GEM and 20NINE will continue to work jointly on their project and achieve greater success as close partners.