GEM welcomes visitors representing DNP

From September 7th to 8th, GEM and GEMJPN welcomed distinguished visitors from Japan to our office, two representatives from Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP).

The visit had special significance to GEM, as it was planned to align with GEM’s celebration of its 9th birthday. In addition, it is a chance for our client’s senior executives to have direct exchanges with the project team regarding project updates and planning. 

Our valued clients were introduced to GEM’s office and working environment during the visits. Together with CEO Ngo Khanh Hoang, they engaged in extensive strategic meetings where both sides exchanged important information about their business plans. These talks were essential for GEM and our clients to align their visions and define future joint efforts.

In addition, our Japanese visitors also had some encouraging remarks at GEM’s gala dinner in celebration of our 9th birthday. Mr. Nishikawa, CEO of GEMJPN, told the compelling story of GEMJPN’s establishment and how both sides have worked through challenging times together. He concluded by affirming his belief that their fruitful collaboration will continue to thrive – especially given that GEM and GEMJPN will both celebrate very important milestones next year, respectively their 10th and 5th birthdays. 

GEM is delighted to hold inclusive talks with clients from one of our major markets. We look forward to more exciting opportunities to empower businesses with excellent digital projects.