A snapshot of the year 2023, whose success is encapsulated by the term “GEM”.

G – Grand achievements

This year has witnessed the unprecedented growth of GEM Corporation in recognition and standardization with

CEO Ngo Khanh Hoang receiving the 2023 Sao Khue award - GEM2023Wrapped

The grandness of 2023 also lies in the many customer visits to GEM’s office. We welcomed representatives of our prestige business clients from major markets including Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, and South Korea, with whom GEM held fruitful talks on strengthening the partnerships.

E – Education

At GEM, 2023 has been named “The year of learning”. Since GEM’s people are the core driver of the company’s growth, providing them with sufficient training and upskilling means fueling our overall growth – as stated in this year’s motto “A better me, a better us”.

GEM's internal mentors celebrating Vietnamese Teacher's Day

GEM has been growing our educational programs in quantity, quality, and diversity:

  • Holding internal sharing sessions within divisions
  • Organizing open talks and discussions within the company
  • Encouraging and supporting staff to attend online courses and get IT certificates
  • Defining a reward system for employees who have demonstrated a strong commitment to learning

M – Mature

We care about the long-term growth of our clients and the conversion of digital technologies into tangible empowerment. To achieve those visions, the maturity of GEM’s

In 2023, GEM’s services are characterized by:

  • A rapidly growing IT talent pool whose knowledge and expertise enable the creation of meaningful software and apps
  • A stronger focus on technical strategy consulting services, which help businesses align digital solutions with their key objectives
  • A strong adherence to fulfilling international standards in development and delivery

Closing remark

As we draw the curtains on the year 2023 at GEM Corporation, it’s evident that this year has been nothing short of remarkable. Our team has continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our dedication to quality and customer-centricity. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to an exciting and prosperous 2024!