GEMJPN launches its new office in Tokyo, Japan

TOKYO, Japan, December 21, 2020Global Enterprise Mobility’s Japan joint venture, GEMJPN, has announced its new location in Tokyo, Japan at Kojimachi Expert Office, 2-10-3 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku. It is scheduled to open on Dec. 18, 2020.

This relocation is a result of continuous business growth and an increase in professional staff in the Japan office. Situated in the center of Tokyo – one of the most dynamic cities all over the world, this new office is expected to enhance GEM-JPN’s working environment and its appealing brand image to customers.

gem jpn office tokyo
EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi | Source: EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi
gem jpn office tokyo
Lounge Area – EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi | Source: EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi
gem jpn office tokyo
Balcony Area – EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi | Source: EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi

“We look forward to expanding our business in Japan. GEM’s expertise combined with the experience of local partners will help us serve our clients better and thrive in this emerging market” said Mr. Khanh Hoang Ngo, Chief Executive Officer at GEM.

In 2018, GEM started catering to its first Japanese customers out of the headquarters in Hanoi and gradually gained a great reputation for outstanding services. In 2019, GEMJPN’s revenue was reported to surge fivefold, accounting for 45% of GEM’s total income. Realizing the increasing demands, GEM established its first office in Tokyo the same year on November 4th, creating a firm foundation to reach out to its potential clients. Until now, GEMJPN has proudly been home to 20 specialists, including  Vietnamese  Japanese Software Engineers.

Such expansion is plain proof that GEM always aims to assist Japanese companies in approaching digital transformation and up-gradation, which contributes to enhancing the standards of the IT industry not only within Vietnam’s territory. With years of experience in serving offshore clients from Japan, Singapore, the US, etc. GEM commits to providing professional services to the world.