GEM’s 2022 Internal Training Activities 

On our journey to becoming one of Vietnam’s leading IT service providers and consultancy firms, GEM always emphasizes knowledge enrichment and skill enhancement. Accordingly, we have designed an extensive list of internal training programs for GEMers of all levels – from managers to developers and executive staff. 

Throughout 2022, we have pulled off significant internal training activities for all staff. These sessions are immensely meaningful to GEM’s overall development, as their positive impacts are present across all aspects of business functions.

Let’s explore all the emerging programs tailored for our staff in the journey of development: 

“Developing Leadership Capability” 

In mid-2022, GEM held – in coordination with GrowMind – the training program “Developing Leadership Capability”. 17 GEM managers underwent well-structured training sessions to enhance their management capability and boost personal work efficiency. 100% of GEM’s learners are qualified finishers of the course.

GEM's leadership training program
GEM’s Leadership Training Program

Our managers have been inspired to redefine their career orientation and share what they have learned with their colleagues. Therefore, the training program contributes to cultivating a dynamic learning culture at GEM. 

GEM’s Project Manager Training

Hosted by one of GEM’s top experts, the training program guides learners – experienced developers, engineers, and analysts – to better understand project management.

Project Manager Training program
A glimpse into our Project Manager Training Program

The various aspects covered in this course range from reshaping the mindset, estimation, and planning to communication and management. Learners are encouraged to practice what they have learned with diverse assignments. 

“Getting to know GEM” – A dedicated program for newbies

This is a warm-up training session for newly recruited employees held by the Human Resources Department. As the name suggests, the newcomers are provided with the GEM’s “must-know” – stories, core values, C&B policies, and more. Accordingly, the “Getting to know GEM” program is a vital first step for the new employees’ upcoming journey with the company.

The training "Getting to know GEM" for new GEMers
GEM representatives and participants of “Getting to know GEM”

GEM Internship Program

GEM’s most extensive intern training program in 2022, titled “GEM Internship Program” (GIP 2022), officially kicked off in November. 

GIP 2022 participants and GEM representatives
GIP 2022 participants and GEM representatives

The program offers a wonderful opportunity for college students majoring in IT-related fields to learn in a professional IT environment with merit-based rewards and a chance to become full-time employees. They will also benefit from a clear training roadmap and GEM mentors’ thoughtful support. 

Here are four outstanding internal training programs held at GEM – and this is only the beginning of our grand plan to advance the competency of our human resources. All the activities above have promoted highly important skills and mindset changes among our staff while enriching the workplace culture with new values.

Therefore, they certainly have contributed to the overall progress made in 2022. In the coming time, internal training will remain an essential part of GEM’s development strategies and continue to empower us to realize our vision.