GEM’s updates: Our Last Six Months

Catch up with the exciting happenings at GEM during the first half of 2023 via the latest GEM’s updates.

The first six months of 2023 have been difficult for businesses across industries, as the global economy has experienced a slowed-down growth rate.

GEM's Updates include an exciting trip to Ha Long

For GEM Corporation, we have also experienced significant ups and downs during this time. The disruptions in the global market have urged GEM’s decision-makers to make changes in our business approach. Still, we managed to maintain a steady development pace, and GEM’s updates for the first half of 2023 are filled with many exciting accomplishments.

Achievement of the 2023 Sao Khue Award

This is easily one of the most note-worthy achievements of GEM in early 2023. GEM was honored for our excellent IT Outsourcing Services at the 2023 Sao Khue Award, which is the most prestigious award in Vietnam given to outstanding IT service providers. 

One of the most significant GEM's updates is the 2023 Sao Khue Award

Steady rise in both revenue and headcount

In our Q1/2023 Business Review event, GEM and its employees had a chance to reflect on the company’s performance in the first quarter. We witnessed a 77% growth in revenue and 7% in headcount compared to the same period last year. 

Apart from these positive GEM’s updates, we also had an extensive discussion about how the company could improve its project management to ensure the delivery of excellent digital solutions. 

Increased discussions with customers globally

During the first 6 months of 2023, we welcomed about 10 visits of major customers and partners from Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore,…

In addition, GEM’s team arranged many business trips abroad to reach out to new, exciting markets. 

GEM had the opportunity to introduce our delivery capabilities and service offerings to a greater number of clients. We also held extensive discussions to strengthen existing partnerships and work closely with them to monitor current projects. 

Diverse learning programs

The turbulent nature of the global market has made GEM realize the importance of continuous learning and self-development. As stated in our 2023 slogan – “A Better Me, A Better Us”, GEM believes that the core of our power comes from the capabilities of our own people. 

One of GEM's updates for 2023 is the increase in the training programs for our employees

Therefore, since 2022,  GEM’s employees have been staying up-to-date with the latest tech knowledge and enhancing their skill set. The company has organized many learning activities, from internal training sessions to online and offline courses for all employees from executive to manager level.

A GEM staff presenting in one of GEM's classes

In the remaining 6 months of 2023, more exciting and practical educational plans with diverse formats – such as talk shows – are expected at GEM. With this, GEM’s BOD hopes to reinforce the staff’s lifelong commitment to continuous personal development and become a valued contributor to the team’s success.

Reaching out to prospective IT talents

In April, as its Bronze Sponsor, GEM took part in the 2023 Job Fair held by the University of Engineering and Technology – one of the largest recruitment events for university students held in northern Vietnam.

GEM’s recruitment staff met with talented undergraduates in tech-related majors and introduced to them the company’s reputation and working environment. The staff also answered interesting questions from the students about GEM and gave out thoughtful advice.

GEM's staff at the 2023 UET Job Fair

As one of the leading IT service providers in Vietnam, GEM believes the ability to navigate through tough times can be enhanced with visionary leadership and the effective adoption of new technologies. Therefore, hopefully, our journey of empowering businesses with excellent digital solutions will be extended with even more exciting partnerships.