NOVEMBER at GEM: Catching up with new opportunities, celebrating dedicated individuals, and more 

For GEM, November was a whirlwind, filled with remarkable events and milestones. Let us revisit these memorable moments together. 

GEM welcomed distinguished customers and strategic partners to its office 

The last quarters of the year are often meant for review and planning. It was our pleasure to meet with our clients and partners in person to discuss our working progress and possible future opportunities. Such meaningful sharing helped both parties better understand each other’s challenges that need addressing and gain deeper insights into the IT landscape and how we can thrive from it. 

GEM meet with representatives from Dai Nippon Printing Co., LTD (DNP) 
GEM meet with Hitachi Solutions Create, LTD

GEM is looking forward to continuing to explore the power of digital technologies with our expanding network of customers and partners. 

Happy Mentor’s Day! 

2023 has been witnessing significant growth of GEM’s learning a sharing culture, which was made possible thanks to all the mentor fellows. Therefore, on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20th, GEM specially organized a celebration for them to reflect on the one-year journey of knowledge sharing. GEM’s mentors were given thoughtful gifts of appreciation to acknowledge their dedicated efforts in delivering valuable lessons to their colleagues throughout the past year. 

GEMers kept up the learning spirit of 2023 

For many GEMers, this month marked breakthroughs in their learning and development journeys. Members from three divisions have been issued major certificates relating to their respective specializations, including Japan’s Information Technology Passports and project management qualifications. 

Apart from contributing to GEM’s overall growth in capabilities, these achievements actively motivate other staff to continue their pursuit of knowledge and skill enrichment. Despite the hustle of the last months of 2023, GEMers’ dedication to learning, which is shown in their consistently positive performance in internal training sessions and Udemy courses, cannot be doubted. 

Sportsmanship highlighted at GEMPions League 2023’s third season 

November marked the third season of GEMPions League 2023, in which Divison 02 was hailed as the three-time winner of the tournament.  

The league has become an eagerly anticipated internal event and captures GEM’s sportsmanship perfectly. Let’s revisit the memorable moments on the pitch! 

Closing remarks 

Another busy and exciting month has gone by. It’s time for us to recharge and head to December with new motivation and new goals to end the year 2023 with great success!