GEM co-hosted Webinar on Offshore Agile development

February 26, 2021GEM Corp. and GEM JPN Inc. held a webinar under the theme “Tips for successful offshore agile development in Vietnam-with domestic development results”. The event witnessed large participation from interested Japanese firms. 

The webinar proudly featured Mr. Koichi Yamagata – COO of GEM JPN Inc., Mr. Trinh Van Tuan – CTO of GEM JPN Inc., and Mr. Ngo Khanh Hoang – CEO of GEM Corp.

gem vietnam
GEM’s CEO gave the Opening Speech

In his opening address, Mr. Ngo Khanh Hoang – CEO of GEM Corp, thanked GEM JPN’s representatives for the continuous support in business development in Japan. He noted that the webinar was also a chance to review past offshore projects and set off to enhance GEM’s delivery quality and consulting capabilities to serve their client better.

During the 1-hour event, our speakers did a wonderful job of walking audiences through the nuances of agile development in Vietnam. Participants have gained deeper insights into how Agile methods work and help companies achieve rewarding business results. The case studies presented by GEM JPN Inc. also helped them understand better.

In addition to this, Mr. Koichi Yamagata, COO of GEMJPN Inc., showcased common problems that a Japan’s offshore project might encounter from varied perspectives. The attendees, therefore, were explained in detail how some projects failed despite careful preparation and huge investment. In his presentation, he also analyzed and suggested thorough remedies for the dilemma regarding technical, financial, and human resources aspects to satisfy business demands.

Besides, the webinar sessions presented how one-stop offshore solutions could alleviate the burden of time and save a considerable amount of work efforts. In the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, well-rounded offshore services can still be operated smoothly via remote-based working methods. This practice meant a lot as business entities can guarantee work progress and trim down up to 50% of the project cost at the same time.

With this informative event, GEM JPN Inc. and GEM Corp. hope to serve clients with optimal IT solutions, enable them to streamline operating costs and build up a healthy business immunity against any market changes.