Recap GEM’s Q1/2024 Business Review

On April 23rd, GEM conducted its Q1/2024 business review, led by CEO Ngo Khanh Hoang. During this session, Hoang disclosed the business outcomes of the past quarter, highlighting achievements, limitations, and outlining the future trajectory for the company. 

Throughout the past quarter, GEM has effectively maintained strong collaborative ties with key accounts across APAC, East Asia, and North-West Europe regions. Additionally, promising new cooperation opportunities have emerged, signaling potential positive shifts. 

Reflecting on the operational results of the quarter, the CEO underscored valuable lessons learned and drew insights to inform future endeavors. He emphasized key developmental priorities for GEM to improve competitiveness. Crucially, these include: 

  • Enhancing training programs for both professional expertise and soft skills among personnel, especially improving communication in foreign languages. 
  • Strengthening process compliance in project delivery and ensuring projects’ quality. 

Specifically, GEM will concentrate on cultivating a customer-centric approach, delving into their perspectives to comprehensively understand their challenges and tailor bespoke solutions. In addition, we will also bolster responsiveness to new tech stacks and modernize the company’s information systems to ensure consistent service quality at an optimal cost. 

The Q1/2024 business review has provided GEMers with a wealth of insights, empowering them to fine-tune plans and strategies for the next quarters of 2024. This ensures GEM’s agility and adaptability in navigating the dynamic business landscape, fostering sustainable growth and maximizing opportunities in the months ahead.