Viewpoint of GEM – 2022 Through The Eyes of GEMers

2022 has been an eventful year for GEM, with major changes, new visions and ambitions, and relentless efforts from our staff.

Viewpoint of GEM - 2022 recap

Let’s listen to the thoughts of our beloved GEMers about how their 2022 has been!

Hear from Nguyen Viet Chinh about her new position at GEM

“For me, 2022 has been full of both CHALLENGES AND JOY” – Nguyen Viet Chinh, BrSE & Sub-PM.

Before taking up this role, Chinh has gone through many different positions – Comtor, Sales Support, and BrSE. Upon returning from her maternity leave, under the consultancy and instruction from Hoang Ngo and Hong Tran – her seniors at GEM, Chinh decided to step out of her comfort zone and challenge herself. 

She recalls being overwhelmed during her first days as the sub-PM: “It took me a long time to understand the project’s overview and catch up with daily meetings. Fortunately, I have managed to do that, which I am proud of.”

Viewpoint of Nguyen Viet Chinh

To Chinh, her 2022 has also been filled with happiness thanks to her beloved family and colleagues:  

  • Nguyen Vu Hoang Nam, her husband, and their little family: Nam has always been the person who encourages Chinh to set new goals and strive in her career. Therefore, to Chinh, her husband and their little family are her biggest motivation because the greater the efforts, the greater the satisfaction she will feel when success is on her way. Chinh has a message to her husband: “I know and admire how careful you are with your work, but would you mind bringing that thoughtfulness to our personal lives too?” 
  • Nguyen Sy Huy – her PM and supervisor: Chinh admires Huy for how quickly he resolves problem and handles tasks, and also his “sassiness”. She hopes that “in the new year, Huy will be more gentle with me during the project”.
  • Tran Thi Thu Hong – Her supervisor and senior since day 1. Chinh is deeply impressed by how thoughtful, delicate, and caring Hong is to her team. Therefore, Chinh hopes to continue working and being instructed by Hong in her journey with GEM. 

What Ta Kien Cuong has to say about his journey with GEM so far

Cuong noted that his journey with GEM is a new beginning in this career. He started with a highly challenging project with many issues, including the scattered materials that hadn’t been properly updated. Therefore, as the PM, Cuong had to put a lot of effort into it. 

However, Cuong emphasized the importance of his colleagues in helping him overcome challenges. He was impressed by Division 3’s clapping to welcome him, and he works with a young, enthusiastic team with members mostly born in the 1990s. 

viewpoint of Ta Kien Cuong

To best handle the project, Cuong presents his approach, which is summarized in three keywords: 

  • Professional: means being professional in the development process and complying with standards. 
  • Integrity: means being transparent and committed to the clients
  • Supportive: means being willing to support clients and colleagues

In the coming year, Cuong has had several plans for his team and himself. Cuong noted: “The most important factor to realizing your goals is changing and perfecting your mindset.” Consistently learning and improving themselves, to Cuong, will help the PM and his team members yield great value to their clients – detecting their pain points, creating excellent products, and providing technical strategy consultancy services. 

Explore how Pham Duc Viet approaches challenges at work

As a PM, Viet currently manages several major projects. At the same time, he has quite a busy family life with four adorable kids. Therefore, in 2022, he had to put a lot of effort into adapting to the new pace of life. 

When he started working on new projects, there was a considerable amount of stress for Viet. “I used to prefer taking up all tasks, from work distributing to issue resolving. This caused my work efficiency to be rather low.”

In early 2022, when GEMers had to work virtually due to COVID-19, a lack of direct communication caused disruptions to the project. The output product, in its first release, did not quite fulfill all requirements of the client and needed improvements. Viet noted this incident as something he regretted.  

However, Viet also noted that, with an approach of calmness, challenges could be overcome. When working with the development team, he tries to maintain a soft and gentle attitude, limiting frustration and anger. He hopes that everyone on the team will trust him and openly communicate their concerns with him.

Viewpoint of Pham Duc Viet

As 2022 comes to an end, in the new year, Viet aims to enrich his leadership skill to contribute greater value to his team and division. 

He also would like to send words of gratitude to Ngo Khanh Hoang – GEM’s CEO. “Thank you for being understanding and inspiring your staff. I will try to work with my team members with the same mindset, as I have learned from you that being open to them will encourage them to be open and supportive to me in return.” 

Isn’t it wonderful to hear from our GEMers about how 2022 has been for them? Hopefully, 2023 will come with new opportunities and greater accomplishments for our company. Cheers to 2022 and let’s all count down to 2023.