GEM OCR – Easy Trainable AI – powered OCR for enterprise 

Streamline your workflow with automated transformation of images and documents

into actionable information

Get rid of manual data entry with GEM OCR

About GEM OCR 

Elevate your data with GEM OCR: the OCR solution where digitization meets security.

Keep your digital transformation precise, personalized, and risk-free. GEM OCR is independently trainable, so you can tailor your own OCR-driven engine while keeping your data in-house.  

What GEM OCR offers

Data Extraction: Extract key information from invoices, receipts, tables, forms and other documents to create databases and spreadsheets ​

Various Format Support: TIF/TIFF (Multipage TIFFs supported), JPEG/JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG, GIF…  

Language Support: English, Japanese, Vietnamese  

Dedicated support 24/7

GEM OCR data extraction

And yes, GEM OCR can be trained to your unique needs

GEM OCR is highly flexible and customizable, allowing for easy modification and re-training to accurately address your business’ problems.

Intuitive trainability

to transform your data

safely and risk-free 

Cross-platform integration  

makes GEM OCR super

user-friendly and easy to use  

Built-in access management 

to keep security risks at bay 

2 Deployment Options

Ready for a power-up that you’re in control of?