GEM OCR Engine – Data extraction made easy

Get your documents processed at scale with the GEM OCR Engine. From receipts, bills, invoices to purchase orders, work orders, and more, our fully automated solution can extract the data that are valuable to you in real-time and with high accuracy.

What is GEM ORC Engine for?

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, converts image files or physical documents into a machine-readable text form using AI & Machine Learning algorithms. GEM’s OCR solution harness this technology to extract meaningful data such as Company name, Address, Time and Date, Total price from scanned documents.

GEM OCR Engine offers businesses a seamless, automated, and cost-effective solution that saves employees from hours of manually collecting, verifying, and data from receipts. The tool facilitates automated accounting and administration, leaving the pressure of time and resource off your shoulder.

Get your data sorted in real time

High accuracy

GEM OCR Engine returns highly accurate results on core data such as address, dates, and totals.

Effective handling of data constraints

The system can extract and return the exact line items that you need. Additional data fields can be added upon request.

Continuously-trained model

The AI-enabled model keeps learning to produce better outcomes with higher accuracy each time a receipt is processed.

Seamless integration

You can integrate the tool with your existing system for more ease at end-to-end data processing.

And yes, OCR Engine can be trained to your unique needs.

GEM AI-driven OCR engine in action
A demonstration of GEM’s AI-driven extracting information from a tax invoice

GEM OCR Engine is highly flexible and customizable, allowing for easy modification and re-training to accurately address your business’ problems.