How we work

We put Agile at the heart of our development philosophy, which allows us to apply continuous integration, test driven development throughout the process.


Project management

We know that our project management was efficient if our client was satisfied not only with the result, but also with the entire course of the project. We practice transparent project management, and apply Agile methodologies, with continuous integrations and test-driven product development. Such approach guarantees the efficient project flow and the quality of the product. From our experience, we know that the following principles make the successful project realization:


Team approach

Traditional project management, in which the project manager separates the tasks and then schedules them for each team member, simply doesn't work! Project managers can't fully understand every single task and needed engagement. Also, when it comes to the testing tasks, which in traditional approach are performed by QAs or testers, exclusive responsibility for too many tests causes overload, and that reduces the quality of the work. As a contrast to this traditional approach to the project management, we stand for the team approach, in which all team members participate in each role where they can contribute most efficiently with their specific competencies.  The developer is the most competent to schedule his task. At the same time, he needs to understand how the product works from the client's side. Thus, he is involved in writing a test case and in testing, together with the QA or tester, before the product delivery.


Agile development

It often happens that initial project requirements are not entirely clear, and they change in the course of the project. It can create confusion and delays in reaching the milestones. We don´t mind unclear requirements and changes! We understand that on today´s market change is the only constant. That's why we apply Agile methodology. If you are not sure about project requirements, one of our experienced engineers can advise you on defining the initial requirements necessary to start the project. We will be developing the solution continually and delivering working software in the shortest possible time span. The whole project team will closely communicate through the duration of the project, and embrace changing requirements for your competitive advantage.


Sincere communication

We don't pretend to be perfect and to know everything. Each project has its challenges. Only through testing new solutions, making mistakes and improving, we can create the best possible solutions for our clients. We insist on close collaboration within the project team and sharing all information with our clients, even communicating about mistakes as they allow us to learn and improve.


Development process automation

Automation helps us work smarter and more efficiently. We continuously improve our development processes by creating templates and standards for each functionality, from the automated build, testing, and deployment to automated implementation.

Engagement models

We understand that every project requires different engagement and cannot be realized under the same circumstances and conditions. That's why we provide our clients with more options, allowing them to choose which engagement model works best for their needs.


Time & Materials model

Do you plan a project which is expected to be dynamic and subjected to changes in its scope and specifications? We can back you up on such project! Use our human and IT resources as you need them, and we will charge you only for time and materials spent on the project. This flexible model enables you to scale the deliverables and the budget, and at the same time, you can be sure that the outcome of the project will be a solution entirely corresponding to your expectations.

Fixed cost model

If your project is well-specified, with the fixed scope of work and the fixed timeframe for the project delivery, this is the model of cooperation that is the most cost-effective for you. We will help you in accomplishing your project goal, by providing you with the experts and IT infrastructure. You can easily follow the progress of the project in every single step, and be sure that, as far as we are concerned, your deadline will be met.


Dedicated team model

If your company is looking to extend its IT team with experts who can work in close collaboration with your employees, then this model will work best for you. Such blended team can be managed on your side or by GEM, but on your behalf. We provide you with all infrastructure and personnel needed for smooth operations, and they are at your disposal whenever you need them. For a fixed monthly fee, you can benefit from operating transparency, flexibility, and scalability – you can add new requirements and features, according to your needs.

Partnership model

Are you a start-up or a team with an idea for a great project, but you lack human or technical resources to realize this idea? Share your thoughts with us, and let us help you transform your idea into the working solution. Take advantage of all our resources and expertize required for the project, including IT infrastructure and project management.