Senior iOS Developer pppppp



  • Design analysis and solution providing for mobile applications to meet customers’ request
  • Leading and assisting other team member to accomplish assigned tasks with 3 to 5 members per project
  • Contributing to the training and development of technical skills of mobile team.
  • Ensuring quality, performance and responsiveness of application
  • Evaluating and identifying potential risks and solving difficult problems of the project



  • At least 4-year experience
  • Good foundation of OOP, DSA and good logical mindset
  • Ability to understand, design, analyze and stream system
  • Understanding of software development and team work
  • Fully understanding all aspects of iOS application development
  • Fluency of Objective-C, Swift and UI Components
  • Fluency of App Architecture, Design Patterns and Best practices
  • Ability to review code of other team member and point out issues if any
  • Good knowledge of Autolayout, Networking (REST and JSON), Database storage (Realm, Core Data, SQLite, …), Core Location, CocoaTouch, UIKit, Multithreading
  • Ability to lead and propose optimal solutions for the project as well as assisting other team member to deal with difficult problems
  • Understanding of Build Configuration such as App Signing, App Distribution, Provisioning and Certificates, …
  • Understanding of Log, Crashlytics, Multilanguage, App Analytics
  • Ability to code and debug code
  • Experience with using and customizing third party libraries.
  • Experience with optimizing performance and memory of iOS applications
  • Understanding of CI/CD is a plus point
  • Mastering of software development process
  • Ability to work directly with customers when required
  • Passion in technologies, eagerness to learn and share new technologies
  • Ability to communicate in English and work directly with customers if needed
  • Knowing Japanese or Android programming or React Native programming is a plus point
  • Desire to build up the team and lead team members to fully develop their abilities (Tech Lead)
  • Be willing to learn and develop other mobile platforms when required


  • Salary: From 900 USD – 1,500 USD for Senior level and from 1,500 USD for Tech Lead
  • Working time: standard working time of 8 hours per day, from Monday to Friday
  • Annual merit increase review
  • Annual company vacation and monthly/quarterly team building
  • Standard social and health insurance as per required by the Government.
  • Annual health check sponsored by GEM
  • Opportunities to approach and learn latest technologies such as Blockchain, AI & Big Data via technology transfer from foreign experts.
  • Sponsored to learn foreign languages such as English and Japanese
  • Improving technical and soft skills via seminar and workshop frequently hosted by GEM

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