Through numerous mobile apps, AI is slowly pouring into and flourishing every routine activity of our lives.

It comes as no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving with a lot of potential for developers and IT Service Providers. Global mobile app revenues produced 693 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, projected to be more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. However, along with the advancement of technology, consumers demand smarter and more responsive digital products. This reality urges tech companies to deliver a highly personalized mobile experience with remarkable functionality.

AI - The Key Factor Driving Mobile App Development Industry’s Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) appears as cutting-edge technology that has been slowly and steadily changing every aspect of human lives in recent years. Many leading tech companies around the world show much interest in AI investment and strive to bring the technology into the hands of people. According to the new IDC Spending Guide, worldwide spending on artificial intelligence could be doubled over the next four years, rising from 50.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 to over 110 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. 

Besides the healthcare, education, telecommunication, and finance sectors, the mobile app development industry also enjoys the benefits of AI. Their tendency in AI deployment across the entire tech stack is a part of their digital transformation efforts to stay competitive in the market. Moreover, with the integration of AI features with app development, developers and app development companies can now deliver seamless and advanced experiences through various kinds of products and applications right in their mobile devices.

Why is AI a game-changer to the app mobile development industry?

Fundamentally, AI is a computer science technology that possesses the ability to simulate intelligent behavior and perform tasks that typically require humans, such as situational or environmental analysis, problem-solving, reasoning, planning, learning, and comprehending language. The machine uses sophisticated algorithms to acquire human reasoning and learn from previous user experiences and interactions to behave more humanely. With abundant inputs, it can start to act and predict results by minimizing errors. Since it was initiated, AI has been considered one of the greatest innovations because of its endless possibilities. 

Why is AI a game-changer to the app mobile development industry?

To foster the improvement of mobile application, AI can augment human intelligence to process huge unstructured databases to generate actionable insights for creating competitive edges. This is one of the biggest reasons that all developers are incorporating AI in app development. AI allows them to track user behavior and envisage certain outcomes based on the collected data. AI is also the most effective approach to attain outputs with utmost accuracy and perfection during data ingestion.

Nowadays, the customer-centric approach is on the rise, and understanding and satisfying customers are the keys to building loyal customer relationships and fostering successful business. In smart devices like smartphones or tablets, users can use many AI-enabled apps that perform advanced technology roles, such as text recognition, face recognition, image labeling, barcode scanning, etc. Through the collection of user behavior data, software providers have an in-depth and precise comprehension of app users to offer extraordinary and personalized experiences. By processing and analyzing the usage of products, apps, or websites, AI can be employed to revolutionize customer journeys in real-time. That could result in increasing user interaction, satisfaction, retention, and driving sales and reputations.

Aside from optimizing user experience, applications equipped with in-built AI features can simplify work for users. As AI-based mobile apps know how processes work, they can automate some tasks to reduce execution time and improve productivity. These could be several routines or vexatious tasks at home or work, such as emailing, organizing meetings, and logging hours. Then, people can spend more time with higher-level tasks.

Use Cases of AI in Mobile Application Technology

Because of its versatile capabilities to facilitate businesses’ workforce and organizational workflow, numerous mobile app development agencies are upgrading their skillset and apps and augmenting them with AI technology. Let us take a look at a list of significant applications that AI is undergirding the industry below:

Estimate Precise Project Timeline 

Any seasoned mobile app development company can easily have a near-perfect estimation of the delivery of the software. However, projects can inevitably be delayed beyond the delivery schedule because of some spontaneous factors such as added client requests or coding errors. AI can give a more precision-driven prediction about projects’ timelines and deadlines by analyzing a lot of data, including specific features for the apps, developers’ profiles, track records, as well as similar types of projects.

Improve Developers’ Efficiency

It is popular that programmers have to deal with their complicated coding, long working hours, and tireless charades to meet the deadlines. With AI-based assistants, developers can get timely support with documents or code examples that are relevant to the purpose and context. Some intelligent programming assistants can handle code completion collected from billions of other programs. Moreover, the AI assistants are trained to learn and perform mundane and monotonous tasks requiring more efficiency. These exertions reduce the unnecessary workload and offer the developers a great deal to focus more on essential aspects.

Get Programmed Debugging

The developers may see another benefit from AI employment in automated testing and bug detection. In the past, software was coded based on decision trees and logic paths. When errors happened, engineers had to track the logic flow to find the fault and then recompile the code to debug it. Additionally, the increase in data volume required to be reviewed leads to more human errors and overlooked bugs.

The AI algorithms can detect patterns and auto-correct them without manual intervention. An AI-powered system can also generate and test case lists to predict outcomes, which results in automatic optimization and further improves the production of vast mobile apps in a short time.

Enhance Reasoning

AI tools can comprehend human strategic thinking by analyzing distinct impetus and reasons behind every user activity. Developers can utilize this feature of AI in mobile apps to offer intuitive solutions that suit customer needs. For instance, Google Maps, Uber, and many other ridesharing and food delivery apps are using AI’s automated reasoning to investigate and recommend the best shortcuts for drivers to save fuel and minimize driving time.

Study Behavior Patterns

AI-powered predictive analytics is the biggest function boosting mobile apps development forward. The AI algorithms inside the apps are capable of analyzing users’ behavior, habits, and other personal aspects. As a result, the apps become more interactive and offer better experiences with personalized products or services. This function improves users’ experiences by reducing the loading time, which boosts application revenue. It can easily be seen in many health and nutrition apps that analyze users’ sleep patterns, workout routines and recommend adjusting lifestyle.

Furthermore, app development agencies can extract insights about the customer’s needs based on the collected user data. This is such valuable information that companies can capture the market trends to build good strategic direction plans in production and gain competitive advantages in business.

Artificial Intelligence has presented its role as the driving force behind the revolution of mobile app development. Through mobile apps, AI is slowly pouring into and flourishing every routine activity of our lives, whether it is education, entertainment, medicine, or economics. The mobile app marketplace for AI is in a superb time and is expected to continue blooming further within the upcoming years.

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