Though small in size, mobile devices remain a central driver of innovation in technological development due to the steady growth of users. Therefore, these devices continue to shape the future of the digital world and become one of the main ways businesses engage with their audiences. 

As a result, across different industries, mobile apps have become the cornerstone of modern business strategies. Apart from choosing ready-made app solutions, many companies opt for custom mobile app development in Vietnam because they wish to extend the scalability of the app solutions at a more affordable cost.  

custom mobile app development in Vietnam is a highly popular practice

In this blog post, we will explore the vibrant world of custom mobile app development in Vietnam, whose many benefits attracted many global companies who wish to turn their innovative ideas into reality. 

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Why having your app solution custom-made in Vietnam? 

Vietnam is a thriving IT outsourcing market with diverse service offerings, a diverse talent pool, and in-depth experience in working with global clients.  

Apart from the many well-known benefits such as the cost-effectiveness of custom mobile app development in Vietnam, what are the other factors that differentiate it as the home for your next custom app development project? 

Thoughtful and insightful service culture 

Vietnamese developers often have a strong work ethic, value teamwork, and prioritize customer satisfaction, all of which is gained through their many years of partnering with prestige international clients. The list of major enterprises that have engaged in software outsourcing in Vietnam includes giants such as IBM, Samsung, and Intel. 

The experience derived from these partnerships creates a globalized IT workforce with an adequate understanding of modern business values and international delivery standards in the custom mobile app development process. This workforce is the core advantage of custom mobile app development in Vietnam.

a discussion on custom mobile app development

In addition, IT companies in Vietnam have long risen beyond delivering defined tasks and following rules. Their in-depth tech expertise and business understanding create meaningful insights into technical strategies, change management, and implementation.  

A nurturing tech hub driven by favorable policies and incentives 

The ICT landscape of Vietnam has been receiving special attention from its government, which has long acknowledged the utmost importance of digital transformation and leveraging technologies to accelerate growth. Predictions from the Economy Southeast Asia Report indicate that the country’s digital economy is poised to reach $50 billion by 2025. Furthermore, IT firms operating in Vietnam benefit from the country’s many favorable incentives, such as exemptions and reductions in corporate income tax. 

In addition, the government is increasing its investment in its digital infrastructure, including expanding broadband and 5G network coverage. The ultimate goals are, respectively, to provide widespread broadband access by the year 2025 and achieve nationwide 5G coverage in 2030.  

developing a custom mobile app solution

As a result, global clients, by opting for custom mobile app development in Vietnam, have stepped into a dynamic and welcoming tech environment. According to AT Kearney’s 2021 report, Vietnam ranked as the sixth most attractive market for IT outsourcing in the world, following well-known destinations such as China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  

Future trends of custom mobile app development in Vietnam 

As we look ahead, by leveraging emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), in the next decade, Vietnamese mobile app developers will not only cater to domestic needs but become key players in the global app development arena. 

The increasing role of generative AI  

In custom mobile app development, the role of generative AI tools is expected to grow even further. 2024 will be the year these tools continue to deliver tangible and impactful results across a wide slice of business and life, becoming the powerful copilots of developers in Vietnam. 

The use cases of generative AI in this aspect include: 

  • App content creation: Producing dynamic content for apps, such as news articles, game narratives, or personalized user experiences.  
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants: Generating natural-sounding, contextually relevant responses for in-app chatbots and assistants to engage better with users. 
  • UI/UX design: Proposing design layouts or color schemes based on user preferences or current design trends. 
  • User behavior prediction: Analyzing how users interact with an app and predicting future behaviors so that developers understand user needs and improve the app accordingly. 
  • Code generation and assistance: Suggesting code optimizations and generating snippets of code to speed up the app development process. 
mobile app

Augmented reality (AR) & Virtual reality (VR) 

When it comes to custom mobile app development, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are opening new horizons for how users interact with digital content. 

  • Creating immersive virtual environments for educational apps, gaming, and training simulations.  
  • Interactive overlays of digital information onto the real world, which is immensely helpful in navigation, interior design, and retail apps.   
  • Used for simulation-based training in specialized fields like medicine, aviation, and military. These technologies offer risk-free environments for practicing complex tasks. 

The inclusion of wearable devices 

Wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers have experienced a steady upward trend. In 2022, the global wearable technology market was valued at $55.5B in 2022 and its revenue may surpass $140B in 2030. Therefore, they play a major role in shaping custom mobile app development.  

wearable devices

In 2024, more mobile apps will be made with wearables in mind, allowing users to access their everyday app solutions from their wrists anywhere and anytime. To enable these apps to work well on wearables, a few recommended practices that will be helpful for developers are: 

  • Familiarizing themselves with the corresponding development platforms such as Apple WatchOS and Android Wear OS. 
  • Prioritizing easy navigation with large, easily tappable targets and simple swipes or voice commands. 
  • Making use of the wearable’s built-in sensors (like heart rate monitors, GPS, accelerometers) for context-aware functionalities. 

Cross-platform development 

With the growing need for apps to function seamlessly across various platforms and devices, there will be an increased reliance on cross-platform development tools like Flutter and React Native in custom mobile app development. As it allows developers to write a single codebase that runs on multiple platforms (such as iOS, Android, and web), cross-platform development is associated with immense benefits such as: 

  • Reducing development time and resources 
  • Maximizing the app solution’s reach across diverse user bases 
  • Fostering improved app performance and seamless user experience across different platforms and devices 
  • Matching the market’s rising need for faster deployment and scalability 
  • Decreasing the risk of app incompatibility, hence ensuring agility and responsiveness 

Closing remark  

The landscape of custom mobile app development in Vietnam is a vibrant tapestry of innovation, growing technical prowess, and active government support. In the coming time, with the increasing integration of the latest technological advancements, this field will continue to help global clients create impactful and innovative app solutions.  

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