Artificial Intelligence

GEM understands the vital role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in empowering businesses on their path to digitization. Our solutions aim to help you harness the power of leading-edge AI and explore new profit opportunities.


AI is widely recognized as a major game-changer for businesses across different industries. This technology is key in significantly enhancing customer experience, improving operational efficiency, and enabling better strategic decisions.

GEM takes pride in our extensive experience with various AI-driven projects across different domains. We provide excellent AI solutions to drive automation and help businesses achieve their business goals successfully. 

Our Offerings

Our solution infuses advanced intelligence into physical and digital products, platforms, and applications with cognitive technology.

Our offerings focus on major branches of AI: Computer vision, Character recognition, Natural language processing, and Predictive recommendation systems.


How we deliver outstanding AI-driven solutions 

GEM infuses advanced intelligence into our solutions to enable greater functionality and scalability.

We aim to provide our clients with effective tools that tackle pressing issues and help them thrive. Therefore, we start every project by listening to your stories to create unique AI-powered solutions. 

What makes our AI team stand out

Regular updates and refinement of technical capabilities

Our team of experienced developers and professionals understands the importance of keeping themselves updated about the latest technology trends. They seek to advance their skills and knowledge regularly via exposure to diverse AI projects with varying levels of sophistication.  

Great functionality and

GEM works closely with clients to enlist their unique business needs before kick-starting any AI projects. We ensure our client’s investment is well dedicated to the most suitable solutions.   

The values that GEM’s AI solutions deliver


Extract rich information from images and video in real-time

Facilitate responsive and personalized customer service

Drive higher customer engagement and conversion rate

On-going improvement and advancement

Our team of researchers and professionals continually advances their abilities and familiarity with the latest technology to keep your products, platforms, and solutions on the leading edge — for a competitive edge you can count on.

We work closely with your IT organization to identify key business areas that need improving, and invest in the right scalable solutions and services that drive your business’s productivity, revenue stream, and customer delight.


Why choose GEM as your AI developer in Vietnam and Japan?

1. GEM Corporation is an IT Outsourcing company experienced with developing AI solutions. We have worked on developing NLP and OCR solutions for top industrial corporations in Japan; specialized in deploying chatbots, text and image processors. We are also partnering with Vietnam National University’s AI Laboratory on scientific research and talent training. 

2. Our domain expertise includes Logistics, Telecommunications, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Retails, Manufacturing, and so on.

3. We have more than 7 years of experience. Our offices are based in Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.

4. We have successfully built more than 100 successful projects for our clients in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many more.

5. Let us know how we can help you build your next AI solution. Contact us now and get a demo for your project.


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