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GEM helps your business convert raw data into powerful, actionable insights that facilitate smart and accurate decision-making.

In a digital world, data is considered the most valuable asset of any company. A sufficient data system helps companies devise effective 360 marketing strategies, achieve better data governance, and unlock new business opportunities.
Therefore, effective Big Data solutions can be the key to exploring new business opportunities with greater market penetration and increased revenue streams. 

Creating impactful business values with scalable Big Data solutions

In reality, the growing volume of generated data has not been sufficiently utilized – statistics show only 0.5% of business data is being analyzed. There are also problems concerning data quality, data security, and choosing the right analytics tools. 

GEM understands that each business has unique needs and concerns when dealing with databases. Therefore, we are ready to assist your business throughout the journey of data analytics with a variety of solutions regarding ETL processes and data visualization. 

GEM helps you refine data sources/streams before collecting and transforming them to yield helpful insights for forecast and strategic planning. Our Big Data team adopts advanced computing techniques, frameworks, and tools to optimize the value of your company’s datasets.

How we deliver an excellent data solution

What makes our data analytics services stand out

We help you bridge the gap between data and your business teams by turning tables and numbers into insightful materials for spot-on forecast and strategic planning. 

Diverse data expertise

GEM has worked on data projects of varying scales with clients from many domains, including Retails, Banking, and Logistics. Therefore, we are confident about both our technical and domain knowledge. 

We can be involved in various data-related modules, ranging from data analytics and ETL processes to data warehousing. 

Ongoing knowledge improvement

Our savvy Big Data team continually enriches its knowledge of the latest technology to be well-prepared for any request. We are familiar with various ETL and analytics tools and platforms, ready to answer your business needs. 

Thoughtful project consultancy 

We listen to your story to identify key issues. Therefore, we can help your business set up a functional data system that yields holistic insights and values. Our advisory services include domain and technical consultancy to enhance your analytics capabilities. 

GEM’s Data Service Offerings

Why choose GEM to help you transform data into actionable insights and values?

  • GEM Corporation is a thriving IT outsourcing business with first-hand experience in handling data-related business needs. 
  • Our domain expertise includes Logistics, Telecommunications, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, and so on. Specifically for data projects, we have worked with clients and partners from the Telecommunication, Banking, and Logistics sectors. 
  • We have more than 8 years of experience in developing tailored IT solutions for a variety of industries. Our offices are based in Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.
  • We have successfully built more than 300 successful projects for our clients in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many more.
  • Contact us today and strike up a conversation on how your data streams can be leveraged to drive your business forward. 

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